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There are not enough words to desribe the beauty of Slovenia. Its breathtaking natural beauty; its architecture, the people, the food, the wine, the positive energy that exudes from all corners of this small but surprising country.

Every country boasts its must see locations, and Slovenia is no different. It prides itself on being a destination that doesn't disappoint and despite its diminuitive size, it packs a huge amount of sights and things to do into a small space.

Listed below are our pick of the best tours and day trips out there - all designed to help you get the most out of your time in Slovenia with interesting itineraries from tried and tested, informative, friendly and highly rated tour leaders.

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Slovenia in 1 Day

Discover Slovenia's three most visited sights including Lake Bled, Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave during a memorable small-group day trip departing from Ljubljana. Your first stop on the tour is Lake Bled. Experience the serenity of Lake Bled as you and your guide cross to Bled Island on a two-oar pletna boat and see beautiful fish swimming in the glacial lake. Visit Bled Castle which rises high atop a cliff where amazing views can be captured and stop for lunch during free time around the lake. From Lake Bled the visit continue to Predjama Castle where you'll explore the winding stairways of Predjama Castle and then observe bizarre rock formations in Postojna Cave the second longest cave network in the country. This tour is limited to eight people for a personalized experience.

At 135€, the tour includes your guide, transport and entrance fee to Postojnska Jama, Predjama Castle and Bled Castle and Rowing boat ride to Bled island.


-        Day trip to Lake Bled, Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave from Ljubljana
-        Experience gorgeous Lake Bled, Bled Island and the Julian Alps
-        Ride a pletna to Bled Island to explore and try potica cake
-        Discover medieval Bled Castle and make the most of ample free time
-        Visit Predjama Castle, a medieval fortress built high into a cliff
-        Explore spectacular Postojna Cave to see its stalactites, stalagmites and vast halls
-        Enjoy personalized attention from a guide on a small-group tour limited to eight people

Julian Alps Hut to Hut

This Julian Alps hike is a 3-day hut-to-hut hiking adventure through the heart of the Julian Alps. The tour will take you to the most spectacular places and exceptionally beautiful mountains of the Slovenian Alps. We recommend this tour to casual yet fit hikers who are looking for a fun and exciting experience deep in the wilderness.

This circular hike starts and ends at the fabulous Lake Bohinj. Along the way, you will explore lovely alpine pastures with traditional alpine architecture, climb to some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, sleep in traditional mountain huts enjoying traditional Slovenian mountain food and get to know your fellow hikers. 

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Alpe Adria Trail

Alpe Adria Trail adventure is a 3-day hiking, biking, and swimming trip along the two most beautiful stages of the Alpe Adria Trail; ideal for anyone who likes to explore nature through a variety of fun outdoor activities.

You will start the tour in Slovenia’s far northwestern corner, hike up the stunning Vrsic Pass and enjoy fascinating views of the highest peaks in the center of the Julian Alps before descending to the beautiful waterfalls and ponds of the Soca Valley.

Together with your guide, you’ll get to know Slovenians and parts of our rich history, way of life and enjoy the food we all love so much.

Good news! You are walking and biking on beautiful trails, but never too far away from the road. If you get tired, you can cut it short with a transfer.

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Hike the Slovenian Alps

Amazing custom made hiking day trip in Slovenian Alps.

Slovenia is a hiking wonderland even though you only have one day to discover it on foot! We will show you some amazing places no matter if you are an easy going hiker or a hard core trail runner.
We usually do the hiking tours in the Julian Alps and most of them take place inside the Triglav National Park. However we are 100% adaptable and please let us know if you have any special interest to discover another part of Slovenia. Let us know as much as possible about your hiking experience, fitness level and your hiking wishes. The more information we get, the better we can prepare the tour. 

Longer tours (2 days, 3 days, a week) also possible.

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Emerald River Adventure

In this fantastic 1 day trip, you will discover some of the most beautiful hidden places around Triglav National Park. The adventure starts in Bled following a circular route around Triglav National Park. Stopping at Kranjska Gora then over the Vršič pass (Slovenia's most beautiful mountain road) followed by Bovec, where there is an option to go rafting on Slovenia's best rafting river - the Soča. The route then follows the beautiful Soča Valley south via pretty Kobarid to Most na Soči with its wondeful lake. From Most na Soči you take an unforgettable ride on a car-train along the wild Baska Grapa Valley and through the mountain to Bohinjska Bistrica and on to Bled. There are up to 8 people in each group.

Best of Bled & around

Our journey begins on the shores of Lake Bled before a gradual climb to the hilltop of scenic St Katarina. From here we follow a single track down hill towards stunning Vintgar Gorge. Here we leave our bikes for a bit as we walk the length of the gorge and witness firsthand the power of nature, where water carved its way through the rock, leaving in its wake this masterpiece of beauty. Next we return to our bikes and head towards the foothills of the Karavanke mountain chain. Passing by a picturesque lake we visit a sweet surpirse, the Carniolan queen bee rearing station before ascending to a breathtaking viewing position to soakup the stunning vista of the Julian Alps and Lake Bled. Continuing downhill we pass landmarks around Bled, stopping off at the ruins of Castle Kamen before heading towards the medieval township of Radovljica and our lunch stop. The return journey takes us swimming in Šobec Lake or onwards to Bled to end off the day swimming in the World famous Lake . A sure remedy to sooth, after a day in the saddle. The cost of this tour is €50 / person and includes, your guide and pick up from your hotel in Bled and Radovljica, an additional surcharge applies for pickup from Ljubljana. Additonal costs include bike rental, lunch and entrance to Vintgar Gorge.

Also possible as an E-BIke Tour!

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Lakes Bled & Bohinj

Visit the must sees and the hidden secrets of the beautiful lakes Bled & Bohinj
This tour visits the most romantic Slovenian lake, the most spectacular Slovenian lake and many beautiful & peaceful spots in the Triglav National Park.
We will make an early start from Ljubljana and visit the amazing Vintgar Gorge before the crowds come. After the pleasant & refreshing walk through the gorge we drive to Lake Bled. Here we leave some free time and you can visit the island, hike to a jaw-dropping viewpoint or simply swim and enjoy on the shore of the lake. You can also rent a kayak, a stand-up-paddle or even swim to the island. 
Our route continues to Pokljuka plateau in the heart of Triglav National Park where we visit enchanting alpine meadows, learn about traditional cheese making and taste local dairy products, cold cuts and, of course, home-made brandy. Before we drive towards Bohinj we make a short 'photo stop' at one of the nicest viewpoints on Lake Bohinj. Once in Bohinj, you can either stay at the lake, swim, rent a kayak or join us on a short hike along the Mostnica Gorge. 

A great trip for all nature lovers and a lot of fun for children as well.

Optional: canyoning is possible in Bohinj. Let us know if you'd like to get adventurous!

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Pokljuka Plateau & Lake Bohinj

After your pickup we have an easy start to the day as we take a shuttle up to the Pokljuka Plateau. Once there our ride begins, as we cycle through the dense spruce forests and past unspoiled mountain pastures until we reach the Rudno Polje Biathlon Centre, to finish off the early part of our day. Before indudging in a well deserved lunch at Uskovnica mountain pasture, we take a short break at the stunning Zajamniki mountain pasture and catch our first glimpse of Lake Bohinj; with clear skies Mt Triglav will be on show in all its splendor. After a hearty lunch we begin the long descent to the Upper Bohinj Valley, which lies between us and a refreshing swim in the lake. An optional ending to the day will take us either in the direction of Savica Waterfalls or Mostnica Gorge, with it's hidden waterfall at the end of the valley. From the Lake we are transported back to Bled. For those interested, there is the option to take the cable car up to Vogel Ski Resort above Lake Bled. The cost of the tour is 50 EUR / person and includes your guide, transfers from Bled - Pokljuka and Bohinj to Bled. The cost of bike rental and lunch are additional, as is the cable car to Vogel.

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Škocjanske Cave - Lipica

Starting in the capital Ljubljana, this tour first takes you to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Škocjan Caves. Located in Slovenia's Karst region the caves rank amongst the most important caves in the world. Local guides take you into the incredible subterranean world of these magnificent caves. You will see and hear the roar of the Reka River as it passes under you, behold nature and the ages that have crafted imposing pillars from above and below, be in awe of the beauty that has since prehistoric times been home to man. From Škocjan the next stop is Lipica, home to the world famous Lipizzaner horses. Here you will take a look at these majestic horses performing. 

Winestronaut Wine Adventures

3 different kind of wine tours with Winestronauts:

Tour 1 “Slovenian Tuscany and Slovenian California”

Tour 2 “The home of the Bora wind and Terra Rossa”

Tour 3 “Discover Slovenia’s hidden wine gems with us!”

Tours 1 and 2 offer discovering and driving around in picturesque landscape in two of the wine regions – Goriška Brda & Vipava valley or Vipava valley & Karst region.
Tour 3 is an unforgettable wine & food experience where you will taste some of the unique wine products as well as local tapas and immerse yourself in the local culture of the Vipava valley.

The tours’ programs are agreed between you and the Winestonauts team. All tour are personalized according to your specific requirements, depending on your time and interest.
Note that the pickup location can be anywhere in Slovenia, but comes at a fee (depending on the pickup location) to be agreed with Winestronauts.

General program: 

The tours will start at the agreed pickup location and you will be welcomed with a friendly welcome drink. You will then experience the beautiful wine regions, exploring two wine cellars as well as meeting with their respective winemakers. The tasting of Slovenian wine and culinary delights at both cellars is next on the menu. If you wish, the tour can also include lunch or dinner at one of the local tourist farms, at an extra cost. Winestronauts guarantees a unique experience in a relaxed atmosphere in a good company while singing with a glass of excellent Slovenian wine.

Coastbusters - Seaside Day Tour

Spanning just 46.6 km the Slovenian coastline may be short but it makes up for it in rugged and picturesque beauty and some fascinating towns, resorts and things to see. Overlooking Koper and the Bay of Trieste is Socerb Castle, the first stop on this tour. Built on a rocky cliff above the village of Socerb it was a superb strategic location and stronghold during Illyrian times. From here the journey takes you through the Slovenian Istria to the Soline Regional Park and the Salt Flats, now one of the most importane heritage sites in Slovenia and home to the worlds smallest mammal the Etruscan Shrew. Stopping next at Portorož (Port of Roses) before moving on to Piran, one of the most attractive towns in Slovenia. Breaking for lunch the tour then moves on to Koper and its remarkable Venetian town centre. Historically Koper was the most important part on the Slovenian Coast. At €109, this tour includes your guide, transport and entrance fees.

Piran to Venice by Catamaran

Climb aboard for an un-forgettable day trip to Venice from Slovenia by boat or catamaran. Starting in May and running through until the end of September this waterborn journey is an amazing chance to avoid the busy summer highways. Departing from Piran most saturdays and sundays during the season. A shuttle service runs from Piran to Umag (Croatia) to join the vessel on the days that it sails from Umag. Priced from €65 for adults, €5 for kids up to 4 and €35 for kids between 4 and 14. The boat sails at 8am from Piran and Umag, returning at 5 pm from Venice. There is a 30 min change to this time on the 20th July (Festival Redentore) when it departs at 7.30 am.

Maribor & Styria – Wine & History Day Tour

Styria is a scenic region of cultivated flatlands, rolling hills with vineyards and quaint towns and villages.

On this day trip of eastern Slovenia we stop at Slovenske Konjice, a lovely little old town, and continue to the nearby Žiče, where we visit an old charterhouse, the first of its kind outside French and Italian borders. We stop at a wine grower’s farm where you can sample some wine right at the source. Maribor, one of the top attractions in Slovenia, is the home of the Old Vine, which, at 400 years old, is the oldest grapevine in the world, as marked in the Guinness book of records. A walk through the old town of Maribor, combined with some wine tasting, makes this trip a true highlight of your Slovenian tour.

Ljubljana Free Tour

FREE! Yes that's right, a free walking tour of Ljubljana. This tour has been rated as Ljubljana's #1 tour for the forth consecutive year. United Europe Free Tours and their local guides will take you to the major sites and some of the hidden parts of this amazing city and there is no booking required. Tipping is on a voluntary basis. The meeting point for the tour is on the steps of the pink church (Church of the Annunciation) in Perešen Square. During summer, tours run twice a day, 7 days a week. During spring and autumn, tours run once a day, 7 days a week. In winter, three times a week.

Ljubljana Mountain Bike Adventure

Starting and ending in the heart of Ljubljana, Prešeren Square, this 5 hour, 35 km mountain biking tour soon has you in the midst of Ljubljana's largest green space. Travelling through Tivoli Park and across Rožnik Hill its hard to imagine you are in the middle of Slovenia's capital. Following several kilometres of surfaced side roads, then returning to gravel, we begin our ascent towards the highest point in our journey. The hilltop church of St Catherine affords us the chance to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere before we approach the single-track descent that lies ahead. Upon reaching the valley we quickly cross the surfaced road and find ourselves at the foot of a small climb. Another stretch of single-track prolongs the enjoyment before we again reach the outskirts of Ljubljana and back through Tivoli Park and on to Prešeren Square. We end the trip with a round of drinks on the banks of the Ljubljanica River. The cost of the tour is 50 EUR / person which covers the cost of guiding. Bike rental is an additional cost.

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