In a country as small as Slovenia it comes as a surprise to learn there are nearly 10,000 kilometres of waymarked walking routes that criss-cross the country, concentrated in the spectacular northerly and western alpine regions. With such a huge array of hiking in Slovenia available for all abilities, this page does not attempt to be a comprehensive guide, but to give you some useful background information and resources and a flavour of some of the spectacular hiking available in Slovenia with our selection of two classic walks in each of the main alpine centres in the country.

The majority of hiking trails in Slovenia require only basic hiking equipment, as listed below.

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A comfortable pair of walking boots with good grip and ankle support. 

For easy walks in the valleys a pair of sturdy walking shoes suffice.

A waterproof and windproof  jacket and leggings.

Enough layers to keep warm when you stop for a break and in the worst weather that you might expect.  Look for items that wick.  Do not wear jeans!

Comfortable socks.

A warm hat. Also consider a sunhat.

Gloves. If you are walking high-level routes with cable protection, consider a pair of gloves with some kind of grip across the palms.



A comfortable rucksac. 

Map and compass and know how to use them!  GPS systems are becoming increasingly popular, but a map and compass should still be carried. 

Walking sticks (walking poles, trekking poles) – do your knees a favour, buy a pair and use them! 

Water bottle – water sources are scarce in the limestone mountains. 

Suncream / lip balm & Sunglasses – in the mountains the glare off the limestone rock is considerable. 

A torch and spare batteries - essential emergency kit in the mountains. 

For emergencies: Whistle, First-aid kit, Penknife, A pencil and paper (for writing emergency messages). 

Mobile phone – emergency number is 112.  Fully charge your phone’s battery before you go and keep your phone switched off until you need it to preserve the charge. 



Self-belaying equipment for use on protected routes.

Ice-axe – consider taking one as snow can lie until late spring / early summer.

Bivy bag or emergency shelter.

Passport for ID in the huts.

A set of spare clothing for the evenings in the huts.


Lake Bohinj Circuit

A circular walk around the wonderful Lake Bohinj offers peaceful natural scenery and includes passing the picturesque bridge at Ribčev Laz, the statue of Zlatorog (the golden-horned ibex) as well the charming old church of St. John.

Triglav - 7 Lakes Route

This challenging hike takes you to Slovenia's highest mountain peak, Mt Triglav (2864 m), passing by the wonderful mountain glacial lakes in the Triglav Lakes Valley on your way down. It is said that to be a true Slovene, you must climb Triglav - and out of the many routes up this iconic peak, this is arguably the best known and most scenic.


This lovely walk takes you south-west from Lake Bled onto three different hilltops, each one offering a different view, including the best lake viewpoint of all, from Mala Osojnica, which offers a bird’s eye view of the island with the church and the massif of Stol in the distance.

Debela Peč

This a wonderful Alpine walk which takes you through beautiful forests to a mountain hut on a little alp and then sets off to the peak of Debela Peč, the highest summit on the ridge. The walk offers amazing views of the Krma Valley, as well as panoramic views to the south.

Soča River Trail

The Soča River trail in an easy, but long walk taking you along the emerald green Soča with its picturesque footbridges, from its source, over the Trenta Valley and towards Bovec.


Mangart is the third highest peak in Slovenia and this route takes you from Mangartsko sedlo and heads towards the mighty rocky summit. Since a former Italian military road climbs from the Predel Pass and is open for public use, it is possible to drive to Mangartsko sedlo at just over 2000 m, which makes this route notable for allowing very quick access to high altitude. Although, whilst relatively short, the route is very challenging.

Tolmin Gorge

This lovely circular trail takes you along the river Tolminka and its steep picturesque Gorge. The trail includes walking over the so called Devil’s Bridge and offers the possibility of entering the Dante Cave on the way.


A challenging walk to the iconic mountain of Krn, which played an important role during the first world war conflict in the Soča Valley, located on the south high edge of the Julian Alps above Kobarid and offering wonderful panoramic views of the whole of the Julian Alps.

Slemenova Špica

An easy walk to a charming open peak, with lovely panoramic views of mountain Jalovec along the way. A great way to get a taste of the high mountains with relatively little walking required and a relatively simple trail.


Prisank is a mighty mountain dominating the skyline as seen from Kranjska Gora. It lies to the east of the Vršič Pass and offers a challenging climb - but a fantastic reward in terms of the panorama at the finish.


A relatively easy hike up this iconic peak above Škofja Loka between the Selška Sora and Poljanska Sora rivers, reachable all year round, with gorgeous views of Ratitovec and Porezen mountains, as well as the mighty Julian Alps and Karavanke massif.


Moderately challenging hike above Škofja Loka, starting from a picturesque village of Prtovč underneath the mountain. The hike offers wonderful views all around, from Kamnik mountain range to Triglav and other peaks in the Julian Alps, as well as Škofjeloško and Cerkljansko mountain range.

Tolsti Vrh and Kriška gora

Two charming easy hikes onto two conjoined peaks above the historical town of Tržič with fabulous views to the Julian Alps. A nice forest walk takes you to Kriška Gora from where you follow a beautiful ridge onwards to Tolsti Vrh.


At 2236 m, Stol is the highest peak of the Karavanke mountain range, it is a majestic mountain offering gorgeous views of the Upper Sava Valley and the Gorenjska plain, with the lovely Prešernova koča mountain lodge near the summit, where you can stay the night.

Kamniški Vrh

A moderately easy and short hike up this characteristic mountain at the base of the Kamnik Alps, offering beautiful views of Velika Planina, the Kamniska Bistrica Valley, as well as beautiful views towards the mountain Krvavec.


Grintovec is the so-called queen of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, it is a majestic pyramid peak offering views of Jezerska and Kokrska Kočna on the west, of Jezerska valley, as well as Ljubljana basin on the south.

Kozjak Trail

The walk starts in Maribor city park and leads you along wine growing hills, where you pass tourist farms offering wonderful culinary experience, then continue through forests to the eastern side of Kozjak Pass, the St. Urban church and finish below the Tojzlov peak.

Pohorje Trail

Pohorje trail is an easy yet quite long walk that takes you pass the Bolfenk Natural and Cultural Heritage Centre on Pohorje, through ancient pine forests, pass the waterfall Veliki Šumnik all the way to Ruše.

A selection of Hiking-Orientated Organisations in Slovenia



Slovenia's Alps are dotted with mountain refuges at valley level all the way up to simple high altitude shelters. Most refuges are fairly basic due to their remote locations although a warm meal and a bed (albeit perhaps in a shared dormitory room) can be relied on. Staying over in a refuge is not only a great way to experience high, remote alpine environments at night but helps open up a huge range of routes and peaks which would otherwise be too challenging in a single day. Member of alpine clubs such as Matica (listed in the resources section above) get significant discounts at refuges so if you are planning an extended stay it is well worth investigating as often the cost of membership pays for itself in just a few nights in refuges and also offers a host of other benefits. We would always recommend reserving in advance, despite the fact that a refuge will never turn you away even if it means you sleeping on the floor! Below we list a number of Slovenia's most popular refuges with contact details and basic information.


Dom na Komni

Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih

Koča v Krnici

Dom Planika pod Triglavom

Pogačnikov dom na Kriških podih

Planinski dom Tamar

Triglavski dom na Kredarici

Koča na Doliču

Roblekov dom na Begunjščici

Valvasorjev dom pod Stolom

Planinski dom na Zelenici

Koča na Golici

Dom na Peci

Prešernova koča na Stolu

Cojzova koča na Kokrskem sedlu

Kranjska koča na Ledinah

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