Golf is not a new sport in Slovenia; it has been present in the country for over 70 years and has now been officially recognised as the 'world's most promising golf destination' by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. With courses set in the midst of vineyards, in the plains of Prekmurje, on the hills of Štajerska and below the mighty Alps and Karavanke mountains, this great variety and diversity of landscapes offers golfers unforgettable views and memories. Golfing here offers enough challenges to even the most demanding of golfers to ensure their return. Plus, another advantage of golf in Slovenia is the distance between courses; with little effort, in the space of a week golfing enthusiasts can play all courses. See the map below for information, pics and course maps for all of Slovenia's major golf courses.


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King's Golf Course Bled

The royal family and diplomatic community suggested a golf course be built in Bled in 1937. Thus Bled golf course became the cradle of Slovenian golf. It is one of the oldest courses in this part of Europe. As soon as it opened, connoisseurs declared it to be amongst the most beautiful in Europe. The course was abandoned during the Second World War. 
In 1972 well-known golf architect Donald Harradine redesigned the 18-hole course, once again returning its original prestige. The course, set against some of Slovenia's highest mountains, is reminiscent of a park. Harradine’s masterful achievement successfully incorporates all its natural features. Golfers walking down a fairway or from one hole to the next move through sunny woodlands and enjoy the fresh mountain air with stunning views of the Julian Alps, the Karavanke range, Mount Jelovica and the more distant Kamnik Alps.
Adjoining King’s is the smaller nine hole; Lake Golf Course built in 1993, also designed by Harradine. Together they cover more than 100 hectares making this the biggest in Slovenia. 
There is no dress code for this course. The course has a total PAR of 73 and the Tee time is from 10am to 5pm (7am to 8pm Summer time), March to October.

Lake Golf Course

Built in 1993 the 9-hole Lake course supplements the King's Course. It features a more contemporary design and has more varied relief and three water hazards. The course is particularly appreciated by players seeking to test their mastery of the game in the face of water hazards. 
The Lake Course also features a putting green. These first 9 holes are the first half of a projected 18-hole championship course.
There is no dress code for this course. The course has a total PAR of 72 and the Tee time is from 10am to 5pm (7am to 8pm summer time), March to October.

Lipica Golf Course

The nine hole golf course at Lipica, laid out in 1989 by Donald Haradine, one of the world's most famous course designers is located in typical Karst countryside, shadowed by centuries - old limes and oaks. The Karst landforms make it a spectacular, beautiful course. 
One particular feature of the Lipica course is that it's the only Slovenian course providing golf all throughout the year. The course has a practice area and two practice greens. 
There is a no denim dress code for this course. The course has a total PAR of 37 and the Tee time is from 8am to 4pm (winter time) and 8am to 7pm (summer time).

Arboretum Golf Course

Nature’s own golf course; the Arboretum is situated in picturesque landscape in the midst of pine forest, among ponds and other natural beauties. The first nine holes were opened in 1998, with the course being extended to eighteen holes in 2002. The centre of social activities and the heart of the course is a club house by the 9th green, facing an artificial lake.

There are four additional practice greens and a training ground for those who want to improve their game. A view of the Kamnik Alps, combined with a nearby Arboretum Volčji Potok, guarantee a remarkable experience and a diverse 18 hole course presents a nice challenge even for the best players.
The season starts in the middle of March and lasts up to the middle of November.

Castle Mokrice Golf Course

Set in the hilly landscape of Slovenia’s Dolenjska region, beneath the medieval walls of an ancient castle in the middle of the forest stretches 70 hectares of 18 hole golf course. World-famous architect Donald Harradine has optimally designed one of the most diversified fields, representing a real challenge to both experienced players and beginners alike. Each hole has been specifically designed to test the golfer with different skills, but the Par 4, fifth hole will challenge even the most experienced golfer. It is Mokrice’s most difficult and many claim; one of the most testing in Europe.
There is a no denim dress code for this course. The course has a total PAR of 71 and the Tee time is from 9am to 6pm, March to November.

Ptuj Golf Course

Ptuj Golf Course known for its many traps has often won the flattering title of being the best arranged golf course in Slovenia. Players are confronted with water obstacles at most of the holes, so best rounds are achieved with accurate shots, not powerful strokes. Golfers will especially remember the 14th hole where a par 3 can only be achieved with a stroke onto the island. Though the course itself is not too demanding; players have to take special pains to achieve a good result when playing from the professional tees. Due to its configuration the course does not demand perfect physical fitness and is suitable for amateur golfers.
There is a no denim dress code for this course. With a total PAR of 71 the Tee time is from 8am to 7pm, March to November (7am to 8pm June – September).

Zlati Grič Golf Course

Located in central Slovenia the Zlati Grič golf course lies in idyllic surroundings in Škalce, next to the town of Slovenske Konjice. Its natural features make it picturesque, entirely surrounded by vineyards. Playing fields are variegated with a stream, which flows in the middle of the course. There are also water hazards, woods and shrubbery. 
This is a 9 hole course with a total length of 2,500 m and a par of 35. The ground is good for play, but requires precise hits. Power and length are not important; however a degree of concentration could be advantageous. 
The golf course is open from March to November.

Olimje Golf Course - Golf Course A

Olimje is living proof that the hospitality of the local people and the beautiful countryside can be attractive enough for social gatherings. Each of the nine holes demands a different approach, when the player is ready to play. With beautiful sandy and natural water obstacles and all the beauty offered by the Olimje valley; it is enough to get you addicted to golf in Olimje. 
There is no prescribed dress code for this course. With a total PAR of 62 the Tee time is from 9am to 7pm (Monday to Friday) and from 8am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. The season runs from March to November.

Otočec Golf Course

The course built in 2005, 2006 was declared the best Golf course in Slovenia in the years 2007 and 2008. It was finished with 18 holes in 2009 and covers more than 75 hectares along the river Krka. 
The course was designed by two renowned golf course architects, Peter Škofic, Slovenia and Howard Swan, Great Britain to modern standards, with special sensitivity to the natural environment. As one of the country's longest golf courses it is suitable for high-ranking professional, amateur golfers and beginners alike. Nestled among lush forests of Dolenjska, the open and diverse fairways, large and fairly undemanding greens, and spectacular views of the fairways and the surrounding areas are all the more reason why you will love this golf course. 
The Otočec Golf Course has a short game practice range, a pitching and driving range, a putting green, and a chipping green with a sand trap.
There is a no denim dress code for this course. With a total PAR of 72 the Tee time is from 10am to 5pm (8am – 8pm summer time). The season runs from March to October.

Bovec Golf Course

Located in the north-western region of Slovenia, the Bovec Golf Club rests under the Kanin Mountain in the Soča Valley. The Bovec course is a unique European golf course in symbiosis with nature. The project’s main architect was the wonderful natural surrounds which dictated the direction of the game. The course has been made part of the environment and offers the player both exhilaration and challenges. With five different tee positions, the course of the game changes completely and provides an equivalent game in regard to position and length, fun and challenge for beginner and experienced golfer alike. The incredible views of the Julian Alps permit an unforgettable experience along with the quality of the course. 
Practice Facilities include: Driving Range, Putting Green, Pitching Green, Chipping Green, Practice Bunker
With a total PAR of 36 advanced booking is essential - particularly on Sat, Sun & Holidays. There is no prescribed dress code for this course.

Cubo Golf

The course is located in the village of Smlednik under the Šmarna Gora hill, approx 10 kilometers from Ljubljana city centre and Brnik airport. 
The course is nicely arranged and well maintained with 18 holes; with emphasis on large and well kempt greens and tees. There is the possibility to play golf at night as three holes nearest to the clubhouse as well as the driving range and putting green are floodlit. 
The course also offers a brilliantly equipped golf academy (individual lessons, group practice, youth courses, video analysis of the swing, golf club calibration), where every golfer may find something of interest. 

Trnovo Golf Course

Golf Course Trnovo resides between the Ljubljana Auto fairground and southern bypass. Access to the Golf Course is from Cesta dveh cesarjev, approx 150m after Jaksic Centre.
The Golf Course is meant for, and opens to everyone who would like to experience the game. The practice area for long shots is 250m long and has 50 places. For pitching and chipping there are 5 greens (1,5 hectare) and one putting green, 800m2.
PAR of the course is 34. The season runs from March to November with a Tee time from 9am – 9pm.

Kranjska Gora Golf Course

The Kranjska Gora golf course is located by the banks of the Upper Sava River. Just 15mins walk from town it is in a beautiful mountain position with lovely views. Despite is smaller size of 6 holes, the course holds its own against the larger courses and is a pleasure to play on. Enquire at Porentov Dom for visitor rates and access to the course.

The 18 hole PAR of the course is 60. There is no prescribed dress code for this course. The season runs from March to November.

Livada Golf Course

Located in North-eastern Slovenia and laid out over 50 hectares, the Livada golf course offers both beginner and experienced player’s alike, endless golfing pleasures. Once past the easiest hole; making for a good beginning, golfers encounter a multitude of water hazards, wide open fairways, interestingly shaped greens and difficult sand pits. Playing at Livada becomes a memorable experience, especially due to the longest Slovenian hole; almost 600 metres in length. A driving range and a practice putting green are also available.
There is a no denim dress code for this course. With a total PAR of 72 the Tee time is from 8am to 7pm, March to November.

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