Property Search & Purchase

From: Bart
Subject: Villa Vrba
Sent: 28.03.2024

ThinkSlovenia is a brilliant business. They guided me professionally through the process of buying a second home in Slovenia, renovating it (including demolition and rebuild to the highest of standards) and renting it out. Due to the pandemic I was unable to visit regularly, however the end result was way beyond my expectations. This sort of project is usually beset with problems and setbacks, however ThinkSlovenia do what they say, communicate clearly and provide 5 star results. Highly recommended!


From: Stephen
Subject: Change of contact details
Sent: 21.11.2023


Thank you. I do think your job is really hard dealing with real estate but also foreign buyers who lack knowledge about the local Ljubljana market like me. However, I truly appreciated your patience and kindness with Amanda and I. It was a real pleasure being able to meet in person as well as I mention to Amanda frequently. It was no small thing trusting you and Dan with a huge pile of money thousands of miles away but you are very good at building trust and relationships. That is a special skill. 


From: Marguerite
Subject: Signed sales contract
Sent: 05.01.2023

Anamarija, once again thank you for your very professional conduct! It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you.

I attach proof of payments.

Have a great evening,


From: Ales
Subject: Primo-predaja
Sent: 23.11.2022

Pozdravljeni Anamarija,

hvala za skrb, notarka je po dogovoru vložila predlog za vpis v ZK, tudi takse za to sem že plačal. Bom pa preveril, kdaj bodo zadeve zaključene - vpisane.

Sicer pa hvala vam, mislim, da smo dobro sodelovali. Z vašim delom in korektnostjo smo bili zelo zadovoljni. 

Lep dan, 


From: Stephen
Subject: Handover and land registry inscription
Sent: 07.01.2022


Thank you so much for the immense effort involved in completing this transaction. It is very much appreciated. 

I've attached payment confirmation for both requests.


From: Sona
Subject: Original sales contract
Sent: 14.12.2021

Dear Anamarija, 

I hope you are well.

First, we would like to thank you for all the support you've provided us during the process. We would not be able to manage on our own and you made it all very easy. It was a great experience even during these crazy times. The approach from your side was amazing and we are glad we had the opportunity to work with you. 

Thank you and have a nice day,

From: Gregor
Subject: Update
Sent: 14.07.2021

Perfect! Thank you, Anamarija. It's been a pleasure working with you and I'm happy to transfer the commission. You should receive it by tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the handover!

Best regards,



From: Darja
Subject: Bovec
Sent: 04.05.2020

Dear Anamarija,

It has been a pleasure to have you as our agent and would not hesitate in recommending you to others. Your level of customer service is exceptional, we have felt well looked after. By knowing the needs and wants of all parties and communicating clearly with all, there has been a happy outcome. It was very reassuring to know that you were always accessible by telephone, and your cheerful, but professional approach to dealing with any "problems" was much appreciated.

With best wishes to you, and many thanks for your hard work,

Darja and Ernesto Gainza
Intercrew d.o.o. 

From: Melanie, Srdjan and girls.
Subject: Buying a house
Sent: 04.02.2020

Dear Anamaria

Buying a house is a stressful process and it should not be underestimated in terms of twists and turns it can deliver. At least that is what we thought until we met you and Think Slovenia. You mad it look so easy and stress free with you in-depth knowledge of local market, your connections to the right professionals and your perfectly timed and never late communication. Nothing was too much trouble for you and Dan and your advice was invaluable when it came to process and approach to dealings with third parties and legal matters. 
We look forward to meeting Dan and discussing the refurbishment project. Again many many thanks for everything all of us.

Melanie, Srdjan and girls.

From: Daniela & Hermann
Subject: Notary invoice
Sent: 18.04.2019

Hi Anamarija,

So everything is finished now. We want to take advantage of this for telling you: Thank you! 

We will recommend you, if anybody asks us, where to go for a property in Slovenia.

Best regards and thanks for everything!

Daniela and Hermann

From: Kim & Vincent
Subject: Think Slovenia invoice
Sent: 26.03.2019

Hello Anamarija,

Hereby the payment screenshot. We would like to thank everyone at Think Slovenia for the fantastic job you did for us!

We would like to stay in touch because we are going to renovate the farm in the near future. We hope you can help us to get in contact with the right people. But for now we are just going to enjoy our new farmhouse and make some plans for it.

Kind regards,

Kim and Vincent

From: Bennie
Subject: Annex
Sent: 20.08.2018

Hi Anamarija,

Thank you very much for all your assistance, and patience, in assisting us in finding and buying the property. It was really a pleasure to work with you. We have a couple of South Africans colleagues who are also interested in investing in Slovenia and I will definitely refer them to you. 

Kind regards


From: Tom
Subject: Feedback
Sent: 07.08.2018

Hello Anamarija,

Thank you so much for showing us the houses yesterday.  All went very well, nicely organized on your part.

Appreciate that your command of the English language is exceptional and that you were very professional in your approach when dealing with the sellers etc.      

I will email you my thoughts on the homes shortly, as I expect that the sellers would like any kind of feedback as is the custom in Canada.   

Thanks again,


From: Ceri
Subject: Review
Sent: 23.05.2018

Dear Pia, Anamarija and Dan, 

This is to say thank you for all your support and guidance that has enabled us to buy a holiday house near Lake Bohinj. We really feel that we were lucky to have found you. All through the ups and downs of the process, you were a reliable, trustworthy and friendly source of advice, giving prompt and clear explanations at each stage and for the next steps. We greatly appreciated the professional service you provided, and we would strongly recommend you to anyone else seeking a property in Slovenia.

Many thanks again,

Ceri & Angus

From: Marie
Subject: Thank you
Sent: 03.04.2018

Dear Anamarija

I just want to thank you for all your help in our house searching.

You have been professional, efficient and pleasant. Edin was helpful and polite and viewing properties went smoothly.

Unfortunately we are not interested further in the properties we viewed. This is not a reflection on your service, we simply found another house we fell in love with.

I would have no hesitation recommending Think Slovenia.

Wishing you all the very best for the future.

King regards

Marie and Richie 

From: Ray
Subject: Checking in
Sent: 14.02.2018

Hi Dan,

I would like to complement Anamarija and Pia for the excellent work they have done and very quick response to all the issues that needed to be dealt with. Anamarija's excellent English has helped me a great deal with some of the paperwork, in the meantime I am learning quite fast. Lastly the combined (mostly you and Anamarija) property choice seems to be very good! - thank you.

Kind regards,


From: Michael & Linda
Subject: Petergalovse
Sent: 29.12.2017

Hi Anamarija,

Many thanks for the help you have provided during the course of this process. When Linda and I are next in Ljubljana we will make an effort to stop by your office and express our personal thanks to you.

Best regards

Michael & Linda

From: Miklos
Subject: Review
Sent: 12.05.2017

Before I decided to start looking for a property to buy in Slovenia Dan had invited me to meet ThinkSlovenia's team in their office. Throughout our conversation my impression was that the members of the agency were not just kind and helpful but very professional too and I had been convinced that I can rely on their expertise in the purchasing process. I did not get disappointed, they handled my case effectively, smoothly and in a timely manner and were always quick to respond to any questions arisen. I'm very grateful to them because I'm sure I would not have got on with this project had I not had full confidence in the team. I can recommend ThinkSlovenia wholeheartedly to everyone in need of help of a property agency in Slovenia!

From: Tim & Max
Subject: Money Transfer Payment Confirmation
Sent: 20.03.2017

Hi Anamarija,

Yes, everything went very well.

Thank you for all your help regarding Hermanci, we are loving it, lots of cleaning and getting rid of old things but we are getting there now. We shall definitely use Think Slovenia in the future and would recommend you to anyone we know that would be interested in property in Slovenia.

Many thanks to you and the team at Think Slovenia,

Tim & Maxine

From: Alenka in Tomaž
Subject: Kolodvorska
Sent: 15.03.2017

Pozdravljena Anamarija! 

S postopkom nakupa nepremičnine pri Think Slovenia sva bila s soprogo nadvse zadovoljna. Zapleten postopek prodaje je bil izpeljan brez vsakršnih težav, ker ste pri Think Slovenia izkušeni in zelo profesionalni. Vse, kar ste obljubili, ste v celoti izpolnili. Vkolikor bi nepremičnino prodajala, bi se vsekakor obrnila na vas. Poudarila bi korektnost, strokovnost, hitre reakcije in širok spekter znanja. Žal nama je le, da vas nisva spoznala že prej, da bi nama urejala zadeve pri preteklih nakupih. Oba z Alenko sva bila iskreno nadvse zadovoljna z vašo storitvijo - naravnost neverjetni ste!

Še enkrat najlepša hvala in nasvidenje pri naslednjem izzivu. 

Tomaž in Alenka

From: Benny
Subject: Invoice
Sent: 06.03.2017

Hi Anamarija,

I wanted to thank you for being our welcoming and all in one, Point Of Contact in Slovenia, and helping us A to Z with all the formalities of buying a house in the country. Your service made our dream come true in a pleasant and most efficient way and I'm sure all your clients feel the same way. I'll keep in touch and I'm sure Think Slovenia is going to be my first option for our next affairs in the country.

Thanks again, Ruth & Benny

From: Chris
Subject: Mojstrana
Sent: 01.01.2017

Hi Dan,

What a star you are!! I am not getting any response from the agent so your hand in the completion is again invaluable.  I have sent the bank transfer of the final payment today as per contract. It should be there by Monday all being well.  We have booked flights on 8th January Easyjet arriving 1625.  Will call your mobile if any problem.

Regards, Chris

From: Tim
Subject: Log Pod
Sent: 21.10.2016

Hello Dan,

Many thanks for the help regarding the gardening.

Many thanks for the congratulations and I shall definitely keep you in the loop as I'll will be looking at finishes and furnishings come the time. Also having you at guys at "think Slovenia" manage the property would be fantastic as I feel a great connection with you.

Many thanks again for all your help and assistance along the way,

Best wishes,

From: Kristina
Subject: Apartment in Ljubljana
Sent: 01.10.2016

Morning, Anamarija,
Thank you for your email, my stay was nice and much due to the kind and professional assistance of your team! I would like to thank all of you for such a cool solution that you found for me)

From: Tim
Subject: Testimonial
Sent: 19.09.2016

Think Slovenia have been simply superb.
They have helped at every single step of the sale and have made it a wonderfully straight forward process for me as a foreign buyer.
Their communication has been second to none and they are always very eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
I would of been lost without them, thank you again to the whole team!

From: Florian
Subject: Review
Sent: 26.05.2016

Dear ThinkSlovenia Team,
We received our keys yesterday - thanks for arranging the hand over! We really love the place and are super happy with it in every way.
Thank you so much again for your help and support on the journey - this was much easier than expected and also a lot of fun! Living 6 time zones away, and not speaking a word of Slovenian, I was worried initially how this might all work out - but you really made it a smooth and efficient process. I really greatly valued your flexibility and how you helped navigate a lot of other things too - from finding the right contractor for renovations to gardening tips :)
I trust we will be in touch again soon - next trip is already planned and then we should go for a drink and celebrate!

From: Colm
Subject: Jelovice
Sent: 09.05.2016

Hi Dan,
That's great news.
Hopefully no more bumps in the road but  it's definitely a nice start to the week.
Many thanks for all your work to date.
You've been extremely helpful and informative and a pleasure to deal with.
Best regards,


From: Terry
Subject: Payments
Sent: 05.05.2016

Hi Pia
Attached are receipts from bank for Think Slovenia fees and house tax. Plus we do not want to go home. Thank you all for the wonderful help with both of our house purchases in this wonderful country and maybe 2018 we will add another through Think Slovenia of course.!
Kindest regards,

From: Tim
Sent: 14.04.2016

Hello Anamarija,

Wow thank you so much!!!

I will check over the contract tomorrow and post it over the weekend.

I will let you know the second it is sent plus forward you the tracking numbers from DHL.

I simply cannot wait, you and the whole team have been so so helpful and I cannot express my gratitude enough for making my dream a reality!  THANKYOU!! 

Best wishes,


From: Bjorn
Sent: 06.04.2016

Hi team of Think Slovenia!

We would like to thank you for the wonderful job you all did! From the initial two days on the road with Anamarija -boy did we have fun- on a quest for an ideal project that would fit our needs, over the correspondence with Dan who got to answer our many questions and somehow kept his calm, till the finishing process that Pia took for her account and made it look that simple like it was buying an icecream! You all have impressed us very much! I’m convinced that none of your competetors are able to keep up with this excellence in service.

Although the project turned out to be a real challenge to purchase, with many hickups, you always kept your calm and guided us smoothly trough the proces. In fact, the only thing we needed to do was to sign paperwork; you literaly took all the work out of our hands. And you still do. The purchase is made, the refurbishing and construction works will start soon. Luckaly we have Think Slovenia to count on and help us trough the next chapter... We look forward to continue our collaboration!

We can highly recommend your team for the following reasons:

  • smooth and prompt correspondence
  • competitive prices
  • a personal, yet professional approach
  • experienced team
  • excellent teamwork

Keep up the good work! 
Bart and Bjorn

From: Erika
Sent: 01.02.2016

Hi Anamarija, 
Just to let you know that we have now paid the invoice you recently sent.  Please could you let us know when you receive it? 
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in ensuring that our property purchase went as smoothly as possible and we will have no hesitation in contacting you should we require your services in the future.

Thanks again and best wishes 
Erika and Zelc

From: Tom I
Sent: 01.02.2016

Many thanks Dan and the team for all your help throughout the Slovenian property purchase process. It has been hugely reassuring to know that ThinkSlovenia was there to look out for us and to guide us whenever we had questions or concerns.
If you want to use the above text as an anonymous reference for your website then please feel free.
We will try to arrange to meet you either in Ljubljana or at the flat in the near future to discuss managing the property as a holiday let, although we probably won't look to start letting until at least next Summer.


Thanks again and best regards,

From: Frances
Subject: funds transfer
Sent: 16.10.2015

Hi Anamarija
Apologies for delay but been working away.
Would like to say ‘Thank you’ for all help and support throughout the process of buying the house in Colnica.
We are all very excited about it and hopefully it will be a nice place once renovated.
Your support has been excellent and will highly recommend you and Think Slovenia Company to others in the future.

Thank you again,

From: Zeljko
Subject: potrdilo
Sent: 29.09.2015

V priponki posiljam skenirano potrdilo o placilu preostanka kupnine za hisko na Planini pod golico.
Placilo provizije bo izvedeno tudi Danes, potrdilo predlozim, ce je prav, jutri ob primopredaji.

Zahvaljujem se vam za korekten in profesionalen pristop in vas lepo pozdravljam,
Zeljko Kovac

From: Sergey
Subject: modrej
Sent: 30.06.2015

Hello Pia,

thanks for your congratulations and for your co-operation and assistance on this purchase. I am very happy with the house, please also forward my thanks to all other people involved - Dan, Anamarija and others whom I might not know.I will be glad to discuss with you my ideas for house renovation, I think for a start it would be a good plan to meet in your office in Ljubljana. 
In the meanwhile you may examine the surveyor's report on the house (also in attachment), you will find there some of my general ideas for house's renovation.

Thank you!
Kind regards, Sergey

From: Derek
Subject: Information
Sent: 06.05.2015

Hi Dan

Hope you and the family are well.
Just thought we would drop you a quick e-mail to let you know how we are. Well it's been 3 months now since we came over and both Frances and I couldn't be happier. The area is fantastic in so many ways. The weather has been great, the scenery is wonderful and we are getting on great with the neighbours.
We can't thank you enough for the help and guidance you have given us in the last 18 months or so. It has made our move over here easier than moving house in the UK. We feel that of all the areas we have looked at, we have landed in the best area with a house that is full of potential - thanks to your guidance.
We will be contacting you in the near future regarding the language courses we can do. We are picking up a lot of words from talking to people, shopping and from watching television with Slovenian subtitles. Frances has a better grasp of it than me, I picked up the building materials quicker from websites :). It is amazing how you can have a conversation with someone when we don't have a lot of Slovenian and the other person doesn't have a lot of English. One of the neighbours also throws in a bit of German, which I did 30 years ago at school.
But we are thoroughly enjoying our new life. We feel healthier, happier and feel quite settled here. It is the best move we have made. Thank you.
See you soon and all the best

Derek & Frances

From: Rory
Subject: Testimonial
Sent: 22.10.2014

Hi Anamarija

From the moment you meet Dan and Pia, you know you're in good hands. For a first time home buyer such as myself, I was mildly nervous about it all. Simply put, it was a walk in the park. They have all the right know how, resources, people and management. It was an utter delight doing business with Dan, Pia and their team at ThinkSlovenia.com.


From: Terry
Sent: 17.10.2014

Hi Dan 

Thanks yes we are enjoying it a lot we have managed to get quite a lot done to the house this week . Please proceed with sorting the electric change over out for us . Also I really need to pay the translator could you text his address over please so I can drop the money in to him I have no wifi at moment so text would be better .Thanks to think slovenia for all the help over the last few months fabulous service and fantastic people it would be nice to catch up for lunch or dinner maybe on our next visit to say thank you in person.

Thanks again. Terry&Bryanna

From: Derek
Subject: Testimonial
Sent: 16.10.2014

Without the help of Think Slovenia our relocation to Slovenia would have been impossible. Their help and advice has been invaluable, from arranging viewings to negotiating an excellent purchase price. Legal services with excellent rates, for the purchase were also arranged. We are also using Think Slovenia for learning the language and for other areas we will require, for example putting us in touch with insurance brokers.
We would recommend Dan, Pia and the rest of the Think Slovenia team without any hesitation - they have been fantastic.

Many thanks. Derek & Frances

From: Yvonne
Subject: Testimonial
Sent: 13.10.2014

Hi Anamarija

We can highly recommend 'Think Slovenia'.  They have made buying a property abroad an easier, and more enjoyable process, than in the UK!  From first contact it was clear that 'Think Slovenia' were a professional and friendly company to work with.  They asked us sensible questions prior to our visit and then put together an excellent selection of properties for us to view.   We went for the 'tailored' service; you get a lot for your money here, even if you don't purchase (and if you do it's taken off the fee).  Nothing ever seemed like too much trouble (we asked a lot of questions) and they 'held our hands' through every step of the way; from visiting properties, to making our offer, to organising our notary, to communicating with the sellers for our handover (and being there)... they helped at every point. 'Think Slovenia' is great value for money; worth every penny we have paid them. It's been a pleasure working with the whole team and we look forward to continuing our relationship long into the future.

Yvonne & Robert

From: Lucie C
Sent: 11.12.2011

Hello Pia & Dan! 

We have safely arrived back to our rainy, grey country :) what a pleasant stay in Slovenia, thank you so much for everything - the organisation of the sale was spot on.
Many Thanks for all, we really do appreciate everything you are doing for us.

All the best

From: Mark B
Sent: 11.12.2011

Hi Dan and Pia,

It was a real pleasure to (finally!) meet you both. We all feel very lucky to have Think Slovenia looking after our property and I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help that culminated in a very smooth sale at the weekend - it was much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you both next time one or all of us are out in Slovenia when with a bit of luck we'll have a 3 bed flat!

Many thanks again, Mark

From: SB
Sent: 02.11.2010

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your mail. Yes we are all over the moon with the house. We took a walk along the St Nicholas trail which runs through the village across the Radovna river and then up the hill the other side to Spodnje Laze. It was brilliant, vibrant Autumn colours and sunshine. I am sure we will be very happy there.
I am hoping to spend some time out there in the next few weeks taking time to get some peace and solitude to do some work. We will all be out for New Year February Half Term and Easter and the whole of the Summer holidays. So I hope we can meet up again and I will buy you that drink I promised.

Many thanks for all you have done

From: Wander
Subject: Property Enquiries
Sent: 10.08.2009

Hi Dan, 
I am back home in 1 piece. I want to thank you for the great programme you have put together yesterday. You are my first choice of estate agents because of your profesional aproach. I  am going to take a week to let things sink in. I will get back to you sometime next week. 
Kind regards

From: Sally D
Subject: Kred offer
Sent: 13.01.2009

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your mail.  Thanks again for all your help.  The viewing trip was excellently organised. You have been extremely helpful over the past few months, both in offering advice and putting us in touch with expert help in order to facilitate our decision making.  Had the current economic situation not arisen I am in no

doubt that we would have completed our purchase and gone on to use "Think Slovenia" to project manage the renovation work.

Thank you again for being so understanding of our situation.  If the economic climate improves and we look again at buying property in Slovenia you will definitely be our first port of call and we would not hesitate to recommend "Think Slovenia" to others interested in buying property in the country.

Best regards, Sally & Martin D

From: Petri
Subject: Piran, Slovenia
Sent: 05.01.2009

Dear Pia  & Dan,

We have now paid you the second part of your commission + additional costs. It should be in your bank account within few days (should it not be there by the end of this week, please let us know, so we can contact our bank). We also like to use this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding support with purchasing our Piran apartment – without your help it would not have been possible. We also would like to wish you Happy New Year and all the best in the future!

From: Penny
Sent: 10.10.2008

We bought our house in Slovenia at the end of last year and are over the moon with it. Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countries in the world, and the Slovenes are really friendly and welcoming. Dan and Pia at Think Slovenia were endlessly patient and helpful during our search - they provided great support and we would never have found our home without them. They have also provided further help and advice with renovations on the house - again, it would have been impossible without them! All in all they provide a fantastic service and we'd definitely recommend them, and Slovenia, to anyone.

From: Blaine
Subject: Loose ends
Sent: 02.07.2008

Thanks Dan,

Just spoke with Marko and our lawyer, and we will handle the registry application immediately.

Marko has also sent you the original document as discussed. Once again, I am very pleased with the property, and I really very much appreciate your and Pia's help to find it for me. I found at all times dealing with you both very professional, friendly and helpful.

Once again, thanks for your assistance, LP, Blaine.

From: Petri
Subject: Piran Preliminary Contract
Sent: 02.07.2008

Dear Dan,

Thank you for the preliminary contract. We read it through very carefully and everything  seemed to be as agreed. We signed four English copies and four Slovenian ones and sent the package already to Mr. Christiansen by Express mail. After both parties have signed the contact and you have accepted the documents we will make the legal deposit of 13.000 euros. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Regards, Petri

P.S.  We are very satisfied with the process and your support so far. Everything has gone smoothly and in a professional manner!

From: V. Johan
Subject: Viewings
Sent: 11.05.2008

Thanks for your help today
It was most useful, since the properties were located very remotely. 
We will now need some day's back home to consider our plans based on all the information we gathered in the past day's. I hope to give you some feedback before the end of next week.
We are really pleased with the service you provided so far.

Thanks again, Johan and Ann

From: a Slovenia related forum
Subject: Help with finding a property
Sent: 08.05.2008

Hi. We recently bought a property (after a lot of searching) with the help of Think Slovenia. Dan and Pia are very friendly and very helpful. Pia also teaches Slovenian to English speakers. Have a look at www.thinkslovenia.com or email Dan at dan@thinkslovenia.com
Graham at Aston

From: Peter M
Sent: 30.11.2007

Having just recently purchased our holiday home in slovenia,we feel that we can thoroughly recommend the services of Dan and Pia at Think Slovenia, they have been most helpful and effecient at every stage of the buying process. We found that Dan and Pia,s inside knowledge of Slovenia, the language and their contacts to be absolutely invaluable.

We would like to wish them all the best for the future.

Peter and Pat 

From: John K
Subject: Our visit
Sent: 08.11.2007

Dear Dan,

Many thanks - it printed out brilliantly and looks VERY comprehensive. If this is typical of your work, then I look forward to doing business with you! Will phone you from Croatia. Looks like we may have an interesting

journey on Saturday & Sunday.

Best wishes, John

From: Steve E
Subject: Smartno
Sent: 29.08.2007

Hi guys

We just wanted to say thank you!!!


We picked up the keys to the house in Smartno on Friday and spent a fantastic first weekend in the house and had a great session with Luka to run through the things we'd like to consider doing to the place.  The house is fantastic and we've already made friends with a few of the neighbours in a combination of English, Italian, German and a little bit of Slovenian (more Slovenian learning required!)

So thank you so much for all your help.  I know we asked loads of questions and were probably a right pain along the way so thank you for your patience and all your support.

Hopefully we'll be in touch soon about other projects (possibly the vineyard plan and also maybe the man with the van) and hopefully to arrange a date to meet up with you somewhere in Slovenia sometime in the future to thank you in person!


thanks again, Anna and Steve

From: Christine & Brendan F
Subject: thanks
Sent: 06.08.2007

Hi Dan

We just wanted to say a big thank-you for all the effort you put into finding us a property in Slovenia. We love the country - as clearly does a goodly part of Europe! Anyway, we did want to sincerely thank you (whatever transpires tomorrow and thereafter) and sorry we couldn't do so in person.

Have a good time in the UK.

All best wishes, Christine and Brendan.

From: Alan and Sara
Subject: Kambresko
Sent: 17.07.2007


I think in my haste yesterday I forgot to say thank you! We have a wonderful new holiday house in Slovenia...the second visit and the time I spent both at the house and in Slovenia just underlined what a great find it is. The view is just "wow". Like all houses the longer you spend in them the more you notice what needs doing, but it has fantastic potential to be a really great holiday home. We couldn't have got so far without you!


From: Dyron
Subject: Viewing programme for today
Sent: 04.07.2007


Do not worry about me, no need to meet with me.  The work you have done for me is great, and much appreciated.  I will be in touch for sure though. 

Have a good evening, Dyron

From: Colour
Subject: Insurance
Sent: 25.06.2007

Hi Dan/Pia

Sorry we didn't get to meet up whilst in Slovenia, things were pretty hectic getting the Chalet ready, I didn't quite comprehend how much time would be spent shopping!

We took the contract to Ales who is in the process of sorting out the land registry. Thanks for the offer of arranging insurance but this is already in place.

Having spent a little time in the chalet we are really happy with our purchase and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone buying in Slovenia.

Keep in touch, Mark 

From: a Slovenia related forum
Subject: Recommendation
Sent: 14.05.2007

Hi Roger, I can recommend Dan Bendall and Pia at thinkslovenia.com , they have organised two viewing itinaries for us in the last six months and we have today signed the contract to buy a house near Kamnik. They have been very helpful in liasing with estate agents, lawyers and an Architect on our behalf and I think it would have far more stressful if we had to contact and try to communicate with everyone ourselves (though we are trying to learn a little Slovene)

Good luck, Trish.

From: David
Subject: ref signing contract
Sent: 23.04.2007

Hello Dan, We have eventually got sorted re transfer of funds however the soonest global are able to get the funds into the sellers account is by this Friday. thanks for all your assistance so far it has made the proccess a lot easier for us and we will gladly reccomend your services to anyone planning to purchase a property in slovenia Best wishes for now David&Susan, ps its raining in England!

From: Carl
Subject: Cezsoca handover
Sent: 10.04.2007

Hi Dan & Pia

We have just returned from our visit to Slovenia to receive the keys for our property and wanted to thank you both for your hard work that has made this possible.  The trip went without a hitch, Urska had all the paperwork organised and answered all our questions exactly.

Obviously none of this would have been possible to us without your help & assistance so once again from us both a big thank you.

Kind regards, Carl & Anna .

From: Mark
Subject: Mojstrana
Sent: 06.02.2007

Hello Dan

Thanks for all your help with the flat in Mojstrana.

We were very impressed with your side of things and were wondering if you had any other properties in Slovenia. We'd be looking at a 2 bed flat either on the coast or in Ljubljana for rental, not as a holiday home for us.

Thanks, Mark

From: Chris
Subject: Mojsrana
Sent: 16.01.2007

Hi Pia,

Very many thanks for all your help and advice last week.  It made matters so easy and we acheived everything we wanted (except the garbage bin!!). We even started our bank account in KG with the arrangement for paying the bills - great - thanks.

You will see from your copy of my email to Luka that things are moving along nicely with him too.

Again many thanks for all your expert help - it was so easy with you and would have been impossible without.  If ever you need a recommend from a previous client don't hesitate to refer to us.

Regards, Chris and Janice

From: Colour
Subject: Viewings
Sent: 04.11.2006

Hi Dan/Pia

Just returned safely home, had a good meeting with Luka at the  house in Bitne and we're now waiting for his report.  It looks like we should be able to complete all works within budget so as soon as we receive the report we'll give you a call to discuss making an offer.

 Thanks for all your efforts so far, the trip was a great success as far as we were concerned and couldn't have gone smoother.

Speak to you soon, Mark & Trish

From: PRC
Subject: Viewing program
Sent: 27.10.2006

Dear Dan,

Many thanks for the viewing programme. I'm impressed.  

I will give you a ring on Sunady morning.

Best wishes, Phil

From: Sarah M
Subject: Thanks
Sent: 22.10.2006

Hi Dan and Pia,
It was great to meet you both too, and thank you again for all your help so far. We really love it and it was very hard to leave it and lock the door on Friday morning. We did go to the furniture shop on the Thursday which was brilliant – even if I did end up spending a small fortune! We are very excited about hearing back from Luka on the papers for the house – he seems keen on the project and such a nice guy too – all so important for working well together.
Many thanks, Sarah

From: P B
Subject: Sale
Sent: 09.10.2006

Hi Dan

Well, we were sad to leave Bovec behind, but we are back in the UK now. Thank you so much for your help in our house search, arranging viewings, and more! You've been great to work with, and I don't think we would have felt as confident about buying a place without your assistance.

From: Ross
Subject: Thanks
Sent: 07.09.2006

Thanks for all your help on getting the house brought, It will be really nice when finished. I have given your details to my brother in law who will be looking to a buy a place in the near future there so will probally be contacting you soon to do some searches etc... to see what is available. Many Thanks again for your time. When we are next in the area at the same time we will have to meet up.

All the best, Ross

From: Cseve
Subject: post viewing trip
Sent: 14.08.2006

Hi Dan & Pia

Hope you are both well, thankyou for taking the time to meet us at Bovec last week, we know how busy you are but it was lovely to meet you both.  Following our trip we just wanted to say thanks for arranging accommodation & viewings, everything went smoothly and hotel was comfortable & staff friendly. 

From: B, Richard
Subject: Thanks
Sent: 12.08.2006

I would like to thank both of you for your time monday/tuesday/wednesday. Monday and tuesday were very long days. there is little doubt in my mind that a lot of this if not all would quite simply be impossible without the help that the two of you have given us. I look forward to developing our working relationship together. I look forward to hearing from you and I will revert to you when I have some further news.

Regards, Richard

From: Cathryn
Subject: zaga
Sent: 25.07.2006

Dear Dan,
as you may know we have had our offer accepted on the house in zaga which we are very pleased about and thak you for your help. We were wondering what is the process from now on i.e what is the next few steps and how long do you envisage the process taking to completion? we would be very grateful if you could help us as we also envisage a longer working realtionship with Pia and yourself regarding this property.
Many thanks, Cathryn

From: Corinne F
Subject: Viewing and accommodation programme
Sent: 10.06.2006

HI Dan

Firstly thankyou for sorting out the accomodation it was great! and I have to say the organisaton of  the viewings were spot on and very well organised. so thankyou for the service.We would like to progress with the purchase of the appartment we saw but have a few things the agents are finding out for us first but will probably need your help in purchasing this property if our offer gets accepted.

Regards, Corinne

From: John H
Subject: Properties of interest
Sent: 08.05.2006


Just in case your telephone has died I confirm our intention to proceed with "the rubble in the garden" property. We appreciate your efforts for us and confirm we would like you to help us with the property development. Our first step would be to arrange a basic survey with some architect plans drawn up to  help us play around with lay-out.

We see this as the first part of our developments in Slovenia. Thank you for all your help to date. Please let me know the reaction to offer and any suggestions you have.

From: Fiona S
Subject: Slovenia
Sent: 02.04.2006

Hi Dan

Thank you so much for organising the trip for us - it all went very smoothly, apart from the plane breaking down on the way out - so we arrived late and then got lost in the dark. The accomodation was lovely - we were both delighted. The properties were all very interesting and gave me a good idea what I would be interested in buying. I will be going out again, with my husband, in May.

Kind regards, Fiona


From: William
Subject: Think Slovenia Property Search
Sent: 28.02.2006

Hi Guys
excuse the delay please, super busy!

yes, I can say that i think your service has been first class. not an easy brief, I'm sure, and some great leads for us to follow. Tthe Ratece plot looks promising, but Bohinj looks to be north facing, steep and very narrow. I'll let you know any progress. payment going thro' tonight, from my girlfriend's account,

thanks again, Will

Property Sale

From: Ronnie
Subject: Obrne
Sent: 19.07.2023

Hi Anamarija 

Thank you for your e-mail, we are doing well and had a lovely weekend thank you. 

Hope you are well and enjoying the sunny weather. 

Thank you very much for your excellent and professional service as always. 

Kind regards,


From: Mauro
Subject: Certified sales contract
Sent: 28.12.2022

OK, thank you Anamarija.

You're always very efficient.

When I come to Ljubljana with the family, we'll come to say hello to you at the office.


From: Caroline
Subject: Kal Koritnica
Sent: 22.11.2022

Hello Anamarija,

We want to thank you for all the help and support that you've given over the years, both with the sale of this property and with the letting and sale of our other house. All of you at Think Slovenia have always combined a thoroughly professional service with a friendly, helpful and "can-do" attitude which is wonderfully reassuring - it's always been great to know that you had our backs and were able to come up with thoughtful and helpful suggestions to any problems. 

And should you ever find yourselves in our part of the world, do let us know! 

All the best


From: Noeleen
Subject: Update
Sent: 10.10.2022

Hi Anamarija,

Thank you so much for all your help! 

We really appreciate your input and help over the years.

Think Slovenia has been a pleasure to work with. Professional and always willing to try to sort things out! 

It is a pity that our journey ended when it did but at least we had a good investment with the flat.

Thank you and keep well,


From: Vincent
Subject: Deposit transferred
Sent: 19.08.2022

Hello Anamarija, and Dan

We just transferred the payment to Think-Slovenia, so here ends our little adventure in Slovenia.

Although we didn’t in the end became the self-sufficient farmers we hoped we’ d become, we did have a very nice ride. And without you guys it could easily end in drama. So thanks again for the great advise and support from your side. 

With the best reagrds,


From: Kim & Vincent
Subject: Contract stored
Sent: 29.07.2022

Dear Anamarija and Dan,

I take this opportunity to express our gratitude. Vincent is usually the writer for the two of us, but now that the sales process is nearing it's end, I also want to say some final words. We are so happy with how everything has gone over the past year. With the professionalism of your organization, the good communication and your impressive knowledge of the market. I can safely say that without you we would have made some big mistakes. Fortunately, we have been saved from that and will soon have a successful sale. 

So thank you very much for everything. You are the best and a warm recommendation to anyone who wants to buy a house in Slovenia. 

With very warm regards, 

Kim and Vincent

From: Mark
Subject: Land registry order
Sent: 06.07.2022

Hi Anamarija, 

Thanks for the update, at one point I never thought we'd reach this stage, so a big thank you.  The house sale is now moving along smoothly, a deposit paid and contracts being drawn up with the notary.

Your invoice has now been paid.

Kind Regards,


From: Mike
Subject: Transfer
Sent: 01.04.2022

Many thanks, Anamarija.

I can confirm receipt.

Very much appreciate all the help over the years and look forward to returning as a renter sometime for hiking!



From: Ian
Subject: Handover
Sent: 22.12.2020

Hi Anamarija,

Thanks for all the help to manage this sale smoothly... greatly appreciate it. Have a good Christmas.

Cheers Ian 

From: Sofie & Alexander
Subject: Payment confirmation
Sent: 29.05.2020

We are very thankful for the professional service that Think Slovenia provided during our property sale. Dan and Anamarija from Think Slovenia proposed a hybrid solution to find a well-matched buyer making sure we were able to get the price we needed. Faced with additional complications that we live in Belgium and the COVID-19 lockdown, this agency was right there to help turn the situation into a smooth process. Comparing to the local market agents, Think Slovenia proposed to us the best value for our property. Extremely dedicated to the needs of their clients, it was evident from our first meeting that Dan and Anamarija were willing to put in the time and effort to ensure a successful outcome. Whether you are looking for a place in Slovenia to rent or relocate,  the importance of having an agency focused on ex-pats cannot be understated. To that end, we would highly recommend Think Slovenia to anyone. If we plan to spend our holidays in Slovenia again, we will look forward to having Anamarija and Dan look after us again.

Sincerely, Sofie & Alexander.

From: Katarina and Andrew Turner
Subject: Luce
Sent: 26.11.2019

We would like to thank you, Dan and Anamarija for your patience and help with this transaction. Wishing you all the best for the future. 

Best regards 

Katarina and Andrew Turner 

From: Ines
Subject: Signed sales contract
Sent: 22.11.2019

Thanks Anamarija.

I’m happy that everything went well.

Thank you for your support and collaboration in this operation.

Now we await your instructions on the next steps.

Kind regards,



From: Daisy and Coert
Subject: Thank you
Sent: 16.10.2019

Dear Dan/Anamarija & Team,
We thank you for your excellence service at all time.
Kind Regards, 
Daisy & Coert

From: Anna & Petri
Subject: Scan of the sales contract
Sent: 01.03.2019

Hi Anamarija (and Dan)!

I want to thank you all again for job well done and all your help with various tasks and problems. This was great!! I will gladly recommend you to anyone who ever needs help in doing any kind of visiting in Slovenia.

Greetings to Pia as well and all the best for all of you!

Anna & Petri

From: Christopher
Sent: 21.03.2018

Selling our house with Think Slovenia was a very stress free experience thanks to Anamarija and Dan. They both kept us well informed of the sale procedure and were prompt to respond to all our calls and emails. We would happily recommend them and wish them well in the future.

Many thanks,

Christopher and Anne Peters

From: Caroline
Subject: Balance
Sent: 02.02.2018

We have been working with Think Slovenia for seven years, first with them acting as our letting agents for our holiday property, and later in arranging its sale. Through all that time the entire team, ably led by Dan and Pia, have provided an excellent, clear, friendly and responsive service which took away any worry of owning a property overseas. (Not to mention generating substantial annual increases in letting income!) It's hard to think of how, if at all, they could have done better by us, and we cannot recommend their services highly enough. 


From: Jan
Subject: Feedback
Sent: 21.12.2017

I have used the services of ThinkSlovenia since first buying a property with their help some years ago. They then provided property management services during the time it was let to holidaymakers and more recently have seen me through the sale process. Throughout these many years Pia, Dan and their team have provided a superb professional and friendly service and, using their knowledge of the real estate business, have guided me with a steady and supportive hand. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone with real estate interests in Slovenia.

From: John
Subject: Update
Sent: 07.09.2017

Hi Anamarija,

Transfer received.

Many thanks for all your hard work in getting the house sold, and for doing such a good job with all the legal aspects; the whole process ran like clockwork.

Many thanks again, and best wishes to  you all.



From: Julian
Subject: Update
Sent: 07.09.2017

Hi Anamarija,

Mine has arrived as well!

I can only repeat what John has said, you have done a terrific job, thank you so much.

All we have to do now is finalise the account with SKB which I know you will have in hand. Please let me know about this when you are ready.

Kind regards,


From: Darko in Slavko Gregorčič
Subject: Primopredajni zapisnik
Sent: 16.06.2017


Že od vsega začetka postopka prodaje najine hiše sva z bratom Slavkom ugotavljala, da sva se pravilno odločila, ko sva prodajo zaupala agenciji Think Slovenia. Ker se hiša nahaja v majhni vaški skupnosti, daleč od Ljubljane, je iskanje primernega kupca zelo zahtevno in pomembno opravilo.

Hitra odzivnost, korektnost in natančnost agentke Anamarije nas je navdajala z optimizmom in zaupanjem o izpeljavi posla. 

Na ogledih potencialnih kupcev smo z agentko Anamarijo vzpostavili pozitiven osebni stik in ko je bil pravi kupec- tujec dobljen, je bil celoten postopek prodaje speljan zelo strokovno in profesionalno.

Posebej moramo poudariti, da je bila pogodba sestavljena in predstavljena zelo strokovno, z maksimalno pravno zaščito tako prodajalca kot kupca. Prodaja nepremičnine tujcu zahteva po naši oceni bistveno več profesionalnosti, strokovnosti in zaupanja.

Skratka, za izpeljavo celotnega prodajnega postopka naše hiše moramo agenciji Think Slovenia podati odlično oceno in osebno pohvalo agentki Anamariji in go. Pii .

Hvala za sodelovanje in lep pozdrav!     

 Darko in Slavko Gregorčič

From: Saša
Subject: Številke merilnih mest
Sent: 13.04.2017


Skladno z dogovorom na današnji primopredaji hiše sporočam številke merilnih mest za vodo in elektriko.

Obenem se zahvaljujem za vaš trud in pomoč pri prodaji hiše. Vesela sem, da se je prodaja na koncu kljub vmesnim zapletom uspešno zaključila.

Lep pozdrav,


From: Simo
Subject: Imenska Gorca
Sent: 13.05.2016

Lep dan vam želim in še enkrat hvala za vse, kar ste do sedaj naredili.
Zelo me vesli, da obstajajo agencije kot je Vaša in ste opravičili vse napisano o njej na Vaši spletni strani.


From: Nada
Subject: Mnenje
Sent: 05.05.2016

Draga Anamarija & Co,

Najlepša hvala za odlično sodelovanje pri prodaji nepremičnine. Vrhunski ste – v vseh korakih: od pridobitve stranke do realizacije. Ažurni, v pomoč pri premagovanju birokratskih zahtev in prijateljski. Bravo! Upam, da bomo z vašo pomočjo prodali še kakšno nepremičnino.

Uspešno delo še naprej in veliko zadovoljnih strank vam želim, saj si to zaslužite. Absolutno zaslužite najtoplejše priporočilo!

Lep dan, Nada

From: Darjo
Subject: Mnenje
Sent: 14.04.2016

Prodajo svojih nepremičnin sem zaupal podjetju Think Slovenia in lahko rečem samo na kratko: Profesionalna ekipa s profesionalnim odnosom, pri kateri razočaranja praktično ne more biti. Gospa Pia in gospa Anamarija bdita nad popolnoma vsakim korakom pri prodaji in drugega, kot uspeh, ob taki visoki poslovnosti tudi biti ne more. Zelo zadovoljen in priporočam močno!


From: Agata
Subject: Hvala
Sent: 24.09.2015


V svojem in v imenu moje sestre Monike se Vama najlepše zahvaljujem za odlično sodelovanje in pomoč pri prodaji hiše na Planini pod Golico. 

Prosim, da v najinem imenu lepo pozdravite gospoda Terrya.

Še enkrat hvala, prejmita lepe pozdrave,

Agata in Monika

From: Alan and Sara
Sent: 27.05.2015

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Think Slovenia. The whole team distinguish themselves by their professionalism, both through their knowledge of the real estate and property rental market, and their attitude to customer service.
Alan and Sara, UK

From: Matjaz
Subject: Hiša Studor - preostanek kupnine
Sent: 14.01.2015

Pia zdravo! 

Denar je prisel na moj in na Barbarin račun, tako da je vse poravnano.

Jutri kontaktiram banko, naj cim prej uredijo izbris hipoteke. Ce moram kaj sporociti notarki me prosim obvestite. Pri sebi imam tudi kljuc, povejte kam ga dostavim, posljem,..

Hvala se enkrat za vse!

Lp, Matjaz

From: Barbara
Subject: primopredaja
Sent: 20.03.2014


Najprej naj rečem, da je primopredaja potekala super, vse je bilo kot dogovorjeno. Mislim, da je bil tudi g. Marshall zelo zadovoljen. Po Vašem odhodu sva z mamo ostali še kakšno uro in mu pokazali kje so točne meje okrog hiše in kje meji parcela s sadovnjakom, vrtom... 
Še enkrat se Vam najlepše zahvaljujem za vso pomoč. Res ste bili vsi zelo prijazni in ste super ekipa.

Lep pozdrav, Barbara

Property Renovation & Furnishing

From: Adri
Subject: Periceva
Sent: 21.11.2018

Dear Pia

Thanks and congratulations on a job well done - its only a pleasure working with you.  

All the best 


From: Lisa
Subject: Baca meeting
Sent: 15.10.2010

Hi Dan and Pia

Having spoken with Iain, I just wanted to let you know the site meeting went well and Iain is very pleased with works undertaken.  
We would like to thank you both, again, for your invaluable assistance.  If you would like a Testimonial from us, for your website, you would be most welcome.  I feel you may be assisting us with future works at Hudajuzna too.  We look forward to it and hope you keep well in the meantime.

Kind regards, Lisa.

From: Maria
Subject: Thanks
Sent: 28.09.2010

Dan, thank you very much for all your help, you definitely made this process much less painful for me.  :) 
Perhaps, there will be other things you can assist me in the future or I'll be able to recommend your service to somebody else.

From: Gilly R
Subject: House
Sent: 13.11.2009

We bought a beautiful old house in the Bela krajina region of Slovenia.  We then spent three years trying to obtain plans and organise permission for the conversion and renovation of this property into a family home and achieved nothing but frustration and disappointment.  Pia and Dan came on board six months ago and already we have architects we are happy to work with,  border problems have been solved and the plans and permissions are now awaiting confirmation.  We can honestly say that before Think Slovenia were involved we were considering giving up on our family dream of a new life.  Pia's diplomacy combined with Dan's commonsense and clear approach mean that our dream feels achievable in the very near future. 
 Noel and Gilly

From: Mark B
Subject: Tepe Update
Sent: 16.10.2009

Thanks Dan, I'll sort payment out next week. And yes, very happy with your work!


From: Geoff C
Subject: Tepe
Sent: 16.07.2009

Hi Dan

Many thanks for your email.

You can not begin to know how much we appreciate all of the help that you and Pia have provided us with the house to date. I dare say we would have not gone through with the project had you not been there. Its stressful enough as it is moving to a new country, though i know that we will settle-in in no time.

From: Sarah
Subject: Reference
Sent: 14.01.2009

Think Slovenia have looked after us every step of the way through our property purchase. They assisted us with all legal and monetary aspects together with helping us to source architects and builders to begin the renovation. They then liaised with our local builder to make sure we were all able to communicate properly throughout the project. Two years after buying our property, we have had it renovated and it is being rented out for winter and summer holidays. Think Slovenia are now our acting agent in Slovenia and we could not trust anyone further to look after the running of our Chalet.

Without all their help, we simply would not be the proud owners of Chalet Planina. We highly recommend their services to anyone thinking or purchasing a property in Slovenia.

Adam and Sarah D, London, UK

From: Anna E
Subject: Reference
Sent: 04.12.2008

Think Slovenia have project managed the renovation of an old cottage for us.  The works have ranged from knocking down walls (involving a structural engineer) through to painting and decorating.  Dan and Pia have been a fantastic help, reassurance and source of knowledge throughout.  They have interviewed builders with us to help with the language and given guidance on characters, translated and negotiated quotes, organised keys and trips to buy required items as well as giving us regular and informative updates on what is going on.  We never would have been able to do the works without them and certainly would have paid a lot more, and wasted significant amounts of time, had we tried.  Above all though, they have given us invaluable piece of mind throughout to the point that we only felt the need to visit the works twice during the building process and could easily have not got out at all.  The renovations have far exceeded our expectations and we are totally delighted.  Dan & Pia have worked incredibly hard, given us great value for money and made a scary and inaccessible process both easy and fun.  Of course, as with any building project there were difficult conversations to have and decisions to make, but all the hard work was done for us by having Dan and Pia on board and helping us through it.  I am not even sure how we would have gone about these had we been negotiating on our own.  I would recommend them to anyone considering tackling a renovation without local knowledge of the language, the laws or the people.

From: Penny
Sent: 10.10.2008

We bought our house in Slovenia at the end of last year and are over the moon with it. Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countries in the world, and the Slovenes are really friendly and welcoming. Dan and Pia at Think Slovenia were endlessly patient and helpful during our search - they provided great support and we would never have found our home without them. They have also provided further help and advice with renovations on the house - again, it would have been impossible without them! All in all they provide a fantastic service and we'd definitely recommend them, and Slovenia, to anyone.

From: Richard
Subject: Our trip
Sent: 19.02.2007

Dan and Pia,

Sue and I would like to thank you for all of the hard work that the two of you have put in to the preparation of the apartments. In a sense we have "road tested" the holiday and it has passed with flying colours.

Many thanks, Richard, Sue and family.

From: Nina Schwarz
Subject: Property renovation, letting & management
Sent: 27.04.2006

Hi Dan,

thanks for aranging the meetings on Friday!

It went really well and we will geta quote from the first builder from Idrija!

Regards, Nina

Property Lettings & Management

From: Marguerite
Subject: Think Slovenia invoice
Sent: 06.10.2022

Hi Anamarija

As always, thank you for your excellent service. It is a pleasure doing business with you!

And yes, fogged in is a real thing, but it happens here too! It is not exclusive to Ljubljana. I love the eeriness of being fogged in.

Have a great day, Marguerite

From: Philip
Subject: Bela Cottage
Sent: 23.10.2019

Hi Dan,

Many thanks to you & the team for looking after us so well & achieving a much improved occupancy.

Best wishes, Phil

From: Rob
Subject: Hello from the clouds
Sent: 07.09.2019

We arrived on Thursday night to a sparkling clean chalet. It was a delight to walk into. The cleaner has done such an excellent job keeping everything clean and neat and tidy even after so many bookings this summer.
I thought you should know.
P.S. The welcome pack is cute and a great addition to the experience.

From: Caroline
Subject: Balance
Sent: 02.02.2018

We have been working with Think Slovenia for seven years, first with them acting as our letting agents for our holiday property, and later in arranging its sale. Through all that time the entire team, ably led by Dan and Pia, have provided an excellent, clear, friendly and responsive service which took away any worry of owning a property overseas. (Not to mention generating substantial annual increases in letting income!) It's hard to think of how, if at all, they could have done better by us, and we cannot recommend their services highly enough. 


From: Katarina
Subject: Castle View House
Sent: 16.01.2018

S Think Slovenija sem sodelovala pet let.

V času naše odsotnosti  so uspešno oddajali našo hišo Castle View House za namen turizma.
Poskrbeli so za vse v povezavi z rezervacijami (poskrbeli so za samo namestitev, udobnost in zadovoljstvo gostov, sporočili podatke o gostih policiji in uredili turistično takso), reševali so tudi tekoče probleme ipd.
Sodelovanje je bilo odlično in Think Slovenija priporočam vsakemu, ki želi svojo nepremičnino oddajati.  

Res profesionalno opravljeno delo z oceno odlično!

From: Jan
Subject: Feedback
Sent: 21.12.2017

I have used the services of ThinkSlovenia since first buying a property with their help some years ago. They then provided property management services during the time it was let to holidaymakers and more recently have seen me through the sale process. Throughout these many years Pia, Dan and their team have provided a superb professional and friendly service and, using their knowledge of the real estate business, have guided me with a steady and supportive hand.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone with real estate interests in Slovenia.

From: Barry Schneider
Subject: self-catering accommodation
Sent: 04.10.2016

The people at ThinkSlovenia do an exceptional job in providing self-catering accommodations in the country. When we looked for a place in the Bohinj-Bled area, they offered several different possibilities, each with extensive information and photos. Pricing seemed to be quite reasonable compared to alternatives. 
Once we chose a place, the booking process was easy. They then sent very detailed information about how to reach the home we chose (as finding your way through small villages on a hillside can be quite difficult otherwise), how to settle in, where to find needs like groceries nearby and how to have fun while there. Instructions on how to use appliances were in the house. When we had questions or any difficulties, they were very responsive both by phone and email. This is how a booking company should work. 
We strongly recommend ThinkSlovenia and, in the future, would use no one else to stay in Slovenia.

From: Adam D
Subject: Chalet Planina
Sent: 11.05.2016

Thank you team TS for all your help and friendship over the years.
I wish you all the very best in all your endeavour and personal lives.
See you around

From: Sarah M
Subject: Chalet Planina
Sent: 10.05.2016

Hi Pia, 
Thank you for everything, it has been a pleasure to work with you all and we have loved being part of Slovenian culture and enjoyed all our time with the local friends we had made.
Yes, our things arrived safely, thank you.
I will organise final payments this week.
I will always wave the flag for visiting Slovenia, its a magical place. Amazing still how many people don't know much about it!

Good luck with everything at Think Slovenia in the future
With best wishes

From: Kathleen Burick
Subject: video
Sent: 04.05.2016

Hello Pia,
Just looked at the video: it is so beautiful!, it looks fantastic :-)

I am curious to see what Geert will say tonight when he sees it :-).
Thank you,

From: Phil Chamberlain
Subject: TS invoice
Sent: 12.04.2016

Hi Pia,
Spring is getting going here too, thank goodness. Thanks for your continued help & support with our taxes. I'll settle your invoice in the next couple of days.
Best wishes,

From: Eric Peters
Subject: Invoice
Sent: 01.10.2015

Hello Pia,
Thanks for the excellent work that you have done for us so far.
Yours, Eric Peters

From: Caroline
Subject: Our invoice
Sent: 01.10.2015

Dear Pia,
We're very happy with the increase in bookings this year, especially that so many in this third quarter came through your own website. I've already been in touch with Dan and Ana about this, but our thanks again to the whole team for your efforts in getting us bookings and your smooth running of a complex operation. All the best Caroline

From: Katarina
Subject: Zahvala
Sent: 18.09.2015

Pozdravljena gospa Pia,
hvala za ves vaš trud, res smo zadovoljni z letošnjo sezono in upajmo še za naprej vse najboljše.
Vsem lep pozdrav in hvala vam, Katarina

From: David
Subject: huge Thank you
Sent: 15.09.2015

Hello Pia & Dan,

I write to say a huge Thank you for your very fast response to the small problems that my wife, Annia had at the apartment, everything now ok .. Please pass on our Thanks also to your housekeeper Urska, together The customer service you have provided is by far better than the Ritz Hotel New York !!!!  Thank you again,

Very best regards, David

From: Karin
Subject: Thanks
Sent: 03.12.2014

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your mail. We are already so happy to have changed to your organisation. Things are running smooth and fast, Thanks a lot!


From: Dejan
Subject: Dobra sezona
Sent: 03.10.2014

Zdravo Ana,

se opravičujem za pozen odgovor - skratka, nimam časa ... S poletno sezono sem bil vsekakor zadovoljen, lahko pa povem, da je preko vaše agencije prišlo največ gostov, kar me zelo veseli. Zadovoljen sem predvsem z odnosom, ki ga imamo - dogovori vedno držijo, plačila so vsa poravnana(razen jaz zamujam z izdajanjem računov). Glede popustov pa tako, nekateri predlogi se mi zdijo primerni in jih bom, ko bom prišel do nekaj malega časa tudi bolj detajlno pregledal in sporočil moje mnenje... Če uspešno poletno sezono prenesemo v zimsko obdobje, tukaj mislim predvsem na hrvaške goste, ki kakor vem, radi obiskujejo Vogel. Za tako korektno sodelovanje se vam zahvaljujem in pričakujem, da čim bolje sodelujemo tudi v prihodnje.

LP Dejan

From: Rob
Subject: Best wishes for 2015 - and a big thank you
Sent: 12.01.2014

Dan, Pia and all the team at Think Slovenia
Having spent a long weekend with two friends as our first guests it hit home how lucky we are to have such a lovely hideaway in the mountains.
So I’m sending this note to say thank you, to you, and your excellent team. Finding the property, guiding us through the process of rental and dealing with all the builders, plumbers, telephone and the Big Bang orders :) has enabled me and Yvonne to realise a long standing dream.
We are very much looking forward to 2015 and we wish you all a prosperous and happy year too.
P.S. The building works in the basement look really good.

From: Angela
Subject: Registrations
Sent: 22.08.2011

I still find it hard to believe that we were not registered by your predecessors. I am just glad that we met with you. I am happy to take your advice regarding registering as a room renter, and as you said we can always change this if needed.

From: Gordon T
Subject: Tim
Sent: 30.05.2011

Thank you so much for you detailed and most useful response. I really appreciate your helpfulness and obvious care for your clients!
Perhaps we shall have an opportunity to briefly meet ... when we eventually arrive in Ljubljana for 2 days, just prior to our departure from Slovenia.

Kind regards, Gordon

From: Alan H
Subject: Jiran
Sent: 25.09.2009

Jiran is a Slovenian Company owned by a group of English people that has developed a portfolio of luxury apartments for the discerning traveller in Slovenia. These developments could not have happened without the incredible help received from Dan, Pia and team at Think Slovenia.
From organising the initial land/building purchase, to assisting through the development of the appts, to furnishing them to a high standard and managing the rentals, Think Slovenia have done an amazingly good job. When small maintenance work on a property is needed, when a guest has a problem, when we need to obtain all the right permits Think Slovenia are there to sort out all the issues.
We could never have achieved what we have done without Think Slovenia.

From: David P
Subject: invoices
Sent: 20.02.2009

Hi Dan,
Thanks for confirming money has been received safely. Thanks also for sending through invoices and breaking down all costs incurred to date. 
I have to say that we have been very pleased with the service received, particularly your quick response and handling of the burst radiators. 
Thanks again, and have a nice weekend.

From: Sarah
Subject: Reference
Sent: 14.01.2009

Think Slovenia have looked after us every step of the way through our property purchase. They assisted us with all legal and monetary aspects together with helping us to source architects and builders to begin the renovation. They then liaised with our local builder to make sure we were all able to communicate properly throughout the project. Two years after buying our property, we have had it renovated and it is being rented out for winter and summer holidays. Think Slovenia are now our acting agent in Slovenia and we could not trust anyone further to look after the running of our Chalet.We highly recommend their services to anyone thinking or purchasing a property in Slovenia.

Adam and Sarah D, London, UK

From: Matthew Ongley
Subject: House in Bavsica
Sent: 11.05.2007

Think Slovenia have been invaluable in helping us buy a house and plan our relocation to Slovenia.  From translation of documents to mediation services, there is nothing Dan and Pia can't help out with. We recommend them both as business partners and as genuinely nice people!

From: Blythe Jan
Subject: Thanks
Sent: 15.02.2007

Everything looks great.You have done a marvellous job of finishing it all off .It looks just how I wanted.

Many thanks for all your help Jan

From: Slovenia related forum
Sent: 09.09.2006

Hi there. have a word with dan bendell at www.thinkslovenia.com , 
they live nere Ljubljana, they run a property management company, his wife is slovenian here name is Pia she runs the slovenian language school in london very good and very freindly give them aring on 07747843515. 
hope this helps daron.

Language Services

From: Gavin, Play on Words Ltd
Sent: 01.01.2017

Think Slovenia have covered our Slovene translations for a number of years. We are always happy with the quality of their work and projects are delivered in a timely fashion at reasonable prices with friendly service.

Gavin, Play on Words Ltd

From: Urszula B
Subject: Regent translation into Slovenian
Sent: 10.04.2007

Dear Pia

Thank you very much for the translation and your kindness.

Kind regards


From: a Slovenia related forum
Sent: 30.10.2006

I have just starting learning Slovenian as I plan to move there in March and it's challenging to say the least so I'd say it takes dedication and determination but it's not impossible. I have had some 1-2-1 lessons with Pia from Think Slovenia plus I am doing distance learning at home but making myself be very disciplined and doing it every day (work permitting). 
I'm not sure if you are already in Slovenia or in the UK? I haven't had any luck tracking down lessons in the UK but if you are in SLO I'd certainly recommend Pia. 
Hope this is of some help




From: Lucie
Sent: 21.11.2023

Hello Anamarija, 

You have been an amazing support for us throughout the years and I really enjoyed your professionalism and quick responses.

Thank you for the handover and all our very best wishes to you! 

Rupert & Lucie

From: Will
Subject: Koritnica rental
Sent: 21.06.2019

Hello Nives & Ana,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for setting up my rental at Kal-Koritnica this June. It was a really wonderful time getting to know the Soca valley and have a 'home-base' to explore!

Looking forward, i want to reiterate my interest in potentially buying or renting again in the future. I think that i mentioned this previously in your office. If you have ideas or suggestions, just let me know.

I depart the apartment on Monday (24th) and wondering if there are any specific instructions you need me to follow? I assume out by 10am and clean the apartment before leaving...

Thanks again and have a nice summer.

From: Simon & Sam
Subject: Bled
Sent: 29.03.2019

Hello Anamarija,

This morning we said a very sad goodbye to Urska and her wonderful apartment. We had a wonderful six months there and made good use of it and looked after it well. We had a good relationship with Urska and will miss her and Bled very much. Many thanks to you and your company for putting this together and allowing us the opportunity to stay there.

Best regards,

Sam and Simon.

From: Toby
Subject: Slovenia holiday
Sent: 02.10.2017


Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for sorting us out with an amazing holiday in Slovenia. The apartments in both Piran and Bohinj were in brilliant locations with phenomenal views, and we had an absolutely wonderful relaxing time. It was everything we could have hoped, and a lot of that was down to you and your team.


From: Kathy & Michael
Sent: 01.01.2017

Our stay at Villa Planina could not have been more relaxing and enjoyable. While we were there, it snowed for almost a full day. The village was magical and the new snow made the surroundings even more beautiful. The day after the snowfall was filled with blue sky and bright sunshine. We found ourselves taking photo after photo of the stunning panoramic views from the Villa. 
Inside the villa, every amenity one could possibly want is available. The Internet connection was superb and the downstairs ping pong table and pool table came into good use during the snowy day. 
The furniture is comfortable and helped us to feel at home in the Villa. The kitchen was fantastic. Michael loves to cook and took advantage of the full kitchen, utensils and dishwasher! 
Our only regret is that we booked just three days. Next time we'll book at least one week!
Thanks for the update about discounts for return visits -- very good idea! I'm sure you will have many visitors returning to the Villa Planina. 
Take care and enjoy the rest of the season.

From: Silvia
Subject: Booking
Sent: 30.12.2015

Perfect!!! Thanks so much!!!

Have a nice day.

You and your colleagues are very efficient, I appreciate this very much.

Regards, Silvia

From: Steve N
Subject: Final wedding arrangements
Sent: 31.07.2011

It was fantastic, we wouldn’t have changed anything, everything was perfect. The ceremony was lovely, we have asked Jolanda to send us a copy of the vows. They gave us champagne, a photograph album and copies of the wedding certificate in English and Slovene in a leather folder. The reception was more than we could have wished for, Monica and Nina had thought of everything, the wedding cake looked and tasted amazing, really wished you could have tried that. The girls gave us a special bottle of Batic wine as a gift, Monica seemed more than happy with the financial arrangements (all our family like a drink or two).Only arrived back home yesterday, so still unpacking and getting things ready for work tomorrow. We will email you some pictures as soon as we get them, Chris (our photographer) is still sorting them out for us.

Once again, thank you for everything, it was a perfect day in every way.

Kind regards, Steve & Helen (Mr & Mrs Nixon)

From: Steve N
Subject: Wedding
Sent: 19.11.2010

That’s absolutely fantastic.

Price is fine, we would like breakfast for all guests.
It would be really helpful if you could confirm room layouts i.e. number of beds, so that we can fit the correct number of guests to each room.
No problem sending a deposit or providing credit card details as security (we usually do this if reserving one room) I’ll leave it entirely in your hands, I’m sure they will be fine with the arrangements. I will confirm numbers as soon as I can. I will speak to family now that we have accommodation sorted.

Thanks for everything so far, we couldn’t ask for more.

Kind Regards, Steve & Helen

From: ALICIA VELLA Producer/Director
Subject: House Hunters Slovenia
Sent: 25.06.2010

I recently directed an HGTV property show for Leopard Films USA entitled: House Hunters International in which we filmed a family buying a home in Slovenia. Pia was my fixer for the duration of the filming and I can vouch for her efficiency, ease to work with and helpfulness. She was always upbeat and friendly and – in addition – proved invaluable with her local connections.

I would highly recommend Pia any day as your local fixer or indeed, producer.