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Think Slovenia is a fully licensed and insured real estate agency operating since 2006. We have experience of selling over 150 properties in Slovenia and on our website we continually list circa 200 properties for sale. All properties are in Slovenia, with the emphasis on beautiful affordable holiday homes and investment properties. Our buyers are mainly non-Slovenian residents, looking for a holiday home or investment real estate in Slovenia. The sellers of the properties on our site are mainly local but many are also non-Slovenian residents. More info is provided below about how we work for sellers - and if this suits your property / needs then we'd love to hear from you.

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We offer sellers of property in Slovenia a unique combination of presence / expertise in marketing properties within Slovenia and internationally and expertise in helping international buyers find the perfect holiday home / investment property in Slovenia. In terms of how we function from a seller's perspective we have the same structure and commission levels as the vast majority of agents in Slovenia, but we offer far greater international exposure, a higher quality presentation of your real estate on our website and a more proactive, hands-on approach to the sales process than most agents.

We work with buyers and sellers of Slovenian property from all around the world including the UK, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Qatar, UAE, South Africa, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland and many others. We have native / fluent English, Slovene, Croatian, Russian & Italian speakers in our office to help our buyers and sellers feel well looked after.

Thank you very much for a successful cooperation with selling our property. You are great – in every step: from obtaining a client to realization. Fast, helpful with dealing with bureaucracy and friendly. Well done! I hope that with your help we will sell another property. We wish you good work for the future and lots of satisfied clients, because you deserve it. You deserve the warmest recommendation! - Nada

I trusted the sale of my properties to Think Slovenia and can say it very briefly: professional team with professional attitude, which will not disappoint. Pia and Anamarija watch over every step of the sale and you cannot expect anything else but success with this professionalism. Very satisfied and strongly recommend! - Darjo

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Think Slovenia. The whole team distinguish themselves by their professionalism, both through their knowledge of the real estate and property rental market, and their attitude to customer service. - Alan & Sara

Thank you for everything you have done so far. I am happy to see that there are agencies like yours and you have justified everything written about you on your website. - Simo

First thing I would like to say that everything ran smoothly with the handover, just as it was agreed. Thank you very much again for all your help. You were kind and you are a great team. - Barbara  (For more testimonials please click here.)

Thanks to the profile of our buyers our properties for sale are naturally focused in and around the main tourist areas around Slovenia and in particular Ljubljana, Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora, the Soca Valley, Krvavec, Goriska Brda, Karst, Piran & the Adriatic coast. To a lesser extent also in proximity to spa centres in the South and East of the country and Maribor, Ptuj & Prekmurje. We also have considerable success at selling rural properties in less obviously touristic areas. These properties are generally in beautiful locations often with substantial land plots and privacy. Generally speaking wherever our buyers are looking for properties outside of resorts / towns they want beautiful views / settings / surroundings for the property in terms of views and surrounding nature.

We sell a very wide range of properties - from weekend chalets in the Alps to charming Mediterranean stone houses for renovation on the Adriatic coast. From farms in idyllic rural settings to high tech new build apartments. From building land plots to beautiful apartments in historic buildings in Ljubljana's old town.  

Virtually all of our properties can be considered either suitable for holiday homes either for personal use or rental purposes or suitable as an investment property. By investment property we mean properties which will return a decent short or long term yield in locations with long term scope for capital growth.

Our charging structure is the same as most agents in Slovenia - we charge 4 % + VAT of the sales price split between buyer and seller equally. So 2 % + VAT to each party. This is on the basis of a non exclusive agency relationship. There is also an option for sellers to also choose to pay a higher commission of 3 % + VAT which enables us to advertise the property as commission free to the buyer.

The services included in our commission are described in detail in our General Trading Conditions, but in brief include marketing the property, managing viewings, conducting the sales process in the event of a sale. In addition, the seller is responsible for paying sales tax (2 % of sales price for resale properties), capital gains tax, share of costs of drafting contracts and costs of notarising the seller's signature on the sales contract. The seller must also pay for their share of the cost of contract translation as appropriate.

An example of charges for a residential building with a sales value of 150,000 EUR. This is just an informative calculation and may differ depending on specific circumstances regarding buyer / seller / the property / prevailing legislation at the time of sale:

Approximate costs on a sale of 150,000 EUR
Seller's costs Buyer's costs
2 % Property sales tax 3,000 EUR Notary / contract costs 200 EUR
0–25 % Capital gains tax depending on length of ownership. Example uses 5 % on 20,000 EUR gain. 1,000 EUR Land registry inscription and court tax 155 EUR
Notary / contract costs 200 EUR 2 % + VAT agency commission 3,660 EUR
2 % + VAT agency commission 3,660 EUR
TOTAL = 7,860 EUR TOTAL = 4,015 EUR


When we start working with sellers we first do some basic background check of the property. We also ask sellers to disclose in writing all relevant information regarding the real estate which may be of relevance to a buyer. In particular information relating to building permission irregularities, any disputes or claims relating to the real estate or other defects which may affect the buyers rights and enjoyment of the property. It is much better that such facts are known at the outset so that they can be presented to potential buyers at the correct time and in the best may to ensure a smooth viewing and sales process. We ask sellers also to provide some photographs and basic information about the property on a form and to sign an agency contract. We are only able to advertise properties at the same price / for the same conditions as they are being marketed elsewhere.

Our website performs very strongly on Google and in addition we promote properties on a wide range of international and domestic Slovenian properties. At Think Slovenia we have a large base of buyers searching for specific property types / locations. If your property fits their needs our system will send them an automatic alert that your property might be of interest & in addition we contact the best matches in person recommending them your property for sale if we think there is a particularly good fit with their criteria. We also have a strong network of partner agents around Slovenia with whom we often co-market properties. Our property listings on our website are published in English, Slovenian & Russian.

We are fully insured in accordance with Slovenian laws on Real Estate Mediation. We have two licensed brokers fully employed at our company Pia Tuma Bendall, real estate license no. 01207, dated 11. 6.2007 and Anamarija Marcina, real estate license no. 02415, dated 29. 6. 2015.

We have a comprehensive guide to the sales process in Slovenia here.


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