Slovenia has a wealth of interesting festivals and other annual events, a selection of which are outlined below. In the table below there are the Slovenia's bank holiday dates.

Please note that bank holiday dates are fixed whilst event dates are estimated and may change slightly from year to year. Please feel free to check with us for exact dates of specific events.

Date Holiday Date Holiday Date Holiday
1st and 2nd January New Year 8th February Slovenian cultural festival day - Prešeren Day 1st April Easter
2nd April Easter Monday 27th April Uprising against the Occupation Day 1st and 2nd May Labour Day
25th June National Day 15th August Feast of the Assumption 17th August Merging of Prekmurje Slovenians with the rest of Slovenia after WW1 (not a public holiday)
15th September Merging of Primorska with the rest of Slovenia (not a public holiday) 31st October Reformation Day 1st November All Souls Day
23rd November Rudolf Maister Day (not a public holiday) 25th December Christmas Day 26th December Independence and Unity Day

Jan/Feb : Zlata Lisica

The Zlata Lisica, or "Golden Fox", World Cup women's ski championship is one of the largest sporting events in Slovenia. With around 20,000 spectators in attendance, top athletes gather in Maribor/Pohorje to compete over two days in the Slalom and Giant Slalom. In addition to the ski competition, Maribor also hosts several music concerts and other events.

8th Feb : Prešeren Day

Celebrating Slovene culture and the life of one of Slovenia's most famous sons, Prešeren day is perhaps the most widely celebrated of Slovene holidays. It is so named after poet France Prešeren, who died on this day in 1849.

Feb/Mar : Pust Carnival

The Pust Carnival in Ptuj, also known as "Kurentovanje" is an important Slovenian cultural tradition. Numerous events are celebrated over an eleven day period and visited by more than 100,000 people each year. The main parade takes place in the afternoon on Shrove Sunday. Pust celebrations also take place in other areas around Slovenia, including Ljubljana.

Feb/Mar : Vitranc Cup

The Pokal Vitranc Cup is an annual World Cup ski competition. Held in Kranjska Gora since 1961, it attracts the best male skiers from around the world, who not only compete against time, but also against each other in Slalom and Giant Slalom events.

March : Planica Ski Jumping

Since 1934, over 60 world records have been broken at Planica. This Ski Jumping World Cup event sees the best ski-jumpers gather from around the world, flying through the air in an attempt to break both personal and world records. Dubbed Ski-flying, it is a great spectator sport.

May : Walk along the Wire

The Path around Ljubljana or "Walk along the Wire" is an annual event commemorating the time during WW2 (1942 - 1945), when Ljubljana was surrounded by barbed wire; erected by its facist occupiers. A 35 km path, completed in 1985 now lays along that route; a path to which thousands gather each year to walk the length.

May : Druga Godba

Druga Godba is a festival of world music in Ljubljana. Ranking amongst Europe's best music festivals for alternative music; that doesn't fit neatly into musical genres. It is well known for bringing leading artists from different backgrounds and music traditions together, who are committed to creative music exploration.

May : Radenci Marathon

Run since 1981, the "Three Hearts Marathon" in Radenci attracts several thousand people each year. The 42km marathon consists of two laps on a broad flat plain around large fields. The start / finish line is adjacent to Radenci Spa, perfect for relaxing after the race.

May/June : International Wildflower Festival

Taking place in Bohinj, with the stunning mountains of Triglav National Park as the backdrop, the International Wildflower Festival is a fortnight long event aimed at the appreciation of alpine flowers. A range of cultural events with floral themes are provided at the festival; including excursions, workshops, art exhibitions and music events.

June : Franja Marathon

The Franja Marathon is a 156km cycling race departing from and returning to Ljubljana BTC shopping centre. The event is suitable for elite cyclists and recreational cyclists alike. Shorter event courses are also available.

Jun/Jul : Lent Festival

Held annually in Maribor the Lent Festival takes place over approx two weeks and features performers from all over the world. Theatre, ballet, opera, classical, modern, jazz, mimes, comedians, magicians, acrobats. There is a bit of everything here and lots of it.

Jun/Jul : Jazz Festival

Founded in 1960, the Ljubljana Jazz Festival began its days bringing together classical jazz bands from former Yugoslavia. These days however, it attracts some of the world's biggest names in Jazz. Music lovers from home and abroad gather to enjoy a connoisseur's choice of music.

July : Grintovec Mountain Race

The Grintovec Mountain Race is an extremely tough uphill mountain race. Starting at an elevation of 600m the 9.6km route has an elevation gain of almost 2,000m and competitors have just 2 1/2 hours to finish the gruelling ascent. Steep mountain paths, loose gravel, dense forest and spectacular scenery are all part of the experience.

October : Ljubljana Marathon

Taking place on the last sunday in October, the Ljubljana Marathon attracts thousands of people each year and covers a distance of 42km. A shorter half-marathon of 21km and other short courses are also run.

November : Martinovanje

The time of year when young wine "most" officially becomes wine. Martinovanje is celebrated in towns and villages all throughout the wines regions and in the larger cities too. It's a great time to sample not only incredible wines but also tasty locally produced food items, music and friendly banter in relaxed settings.

Dec/Jan : Biathlon

This World Cup Biathlon event takes place in Pokljuka each year and attracts the world's best hunters on skis. Competitors battle in out in this cross-country skiing and rifle shooting event. It has come a long way since its origins as an exercise for Norwegian soldiers.

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