Pokljuka Plateau


Located in Triglav National Park, Pokljuka plateau measures some 20 km in length, almost the same width and rests at an altitude of 1,300 m. It offers an amazing experience regardless of the season and is the gateway to many mountain paths. There are numerous old bear migration routes leading through the forests and the surface of the plateau is dotted with hidden shafts, sinkholes and small valleys.

Shingle covered wooden cottages are a distinguishing feature of the mountain pastures; once used as homes for shepherds and a place to make dairy products. In years past, beech tree forests covered the plateau. These were completely thinned during the 19th century for making charcoal, used to fuel iron ore smelters.

In winter Pokljuka is normally covered in thick snow, however, can still be accessed via Bohinj and Bled.


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