Savica Waterfall


The Savica Waterfall is one of, if not, the most famous waterfall in Slovenia. Cascading some 78 m into a crystal clear pool below, it was imortalised by Slovene poet France Prešeren in his poem 'Krst pri Savici'. Formed of two drops, roughly shaped like an A, the lesser being just 25 m, it is feed underground from the slopes of Komarča and the Seven Lakes Valley and forms part of upper section of the Sava Bohinjka River.

Located in Triglav National Park, it's a nice hike from Ukanc and will take you about 80 mins following the signs. Alternatively, you can drive approx 4 km from Ukanc and park at the small hut near the entrance. From here it is a 20 min walk. There is a small entrance fee to the waterfall.


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