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Canyoning Slovenia: A quick guide


Canyoning is an amusing, energetic and unique way to discover the deft artistry of nature; normally hidden from the casual glance of passers-by. Traversing narrow channels, jumping over small waterfalls, into crystal clear pools, sliding on natural chutes and challenging more powerful falls with a rope; it could be seen more as child’s play then the extreme water sport it is considered to be. Appealing to those sure of foot, sure of stroke and those at one with nature, it is an enjoyable adrenaline-boosting adventure experience. The venues for this high energy pursuit are often hidden narrow gorges in unspoilt natural surrounds. Most suitable, yet not limited too, are the gorges Sušec, Mlinarica and Fratarca near the Soča Valley and Grmečica , Mostnica and Jerečica near Lake Bohinj. Your choice will be limited only by your level of experience. With suitable equipment and a compulsory guide you can experience Canyoning safely in Slovenia.


Just one of many active ways of enjoying your spare time in Slovenia!


Map showing the Canyoning sites in Slovenia


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UPPER SAVINJA VALLEY - (Kamniško Savinjske Alps Region)

Kamniško Savinjske Alps & Pohorje Massif Links:

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The Upper Savinja Valley is bounded by high mountain peaks. Water on its way from the peaks to the riverbed carved narrow gorges in the mountain slopes. These gorges reflect the face of antediluvian nature; crisscrossed by narrow passageways, with waterfalls and pools. The resulting effect is the perfect place for a canyoning adventure.


Cuc Waterfall

This 200-meter-high gorge is located 5km from Luce towards Kamnik. It can be reached by car and a 45minute walk along an attractive mountain path that will bring you the entrance of the gorge.

Rep Waterfall

This short, attractive waterfall is excellent for those who would like to experience the enjoyment of canyoning quick and easy. The waterfall is located in the Podvolovljek Valley, 6km from Luce. You can get to the gorge by car and then a 20-minute walk to the waterfall.

Globošak Gorge
Globošak Gorge is located at the entrance of the Logarska Valley, between Golarjeva Pec and Strevceva Pec. You can reach the gorge by car, driving along the famous panoramic road between Solcava and the Logarska Valley. A 15minute walk brings you to the entrance of the gorge.

Čatež Thermal Spa


Roman Bath - Čatež Thermal Spa




BOHINJ VALLEY - (Bled and Bohinj Region)

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There are numerous options in the Lakes region, especially in the Bohinj area where many tributaries feed into the Sava Bohinjka river. There are canyons to suit all abilities, most popular of which are the Mostnica, Grmečica and Jerečica gorges.


Mostnice Gorge
Mostnica Gorge; located in Triglav National Park is a very beautiful, unassuming gorge, suitable for everyone. With two 3m high jumps there is little need for ropes and is therefore recommended for those who have yet to experience canyoning.
Jerečica Gorge

Recommended to participants with canyoning experience, this gorge has numerous natural toboggans and in parts requires the use of ropes to descend the waterfalls. There is a long and short path down the falls from which to decide.

Grmeciča Gorge

The most adventurous of the three, Grmečica is recommended for the more advanced. With a long and a short path available, ropes are required to descend the falls. The daring can jump from the 8m high waterfall into the natural pool below.




Facial treatment




BOVEC - (Bovec and Soča Valley Region)

Bovec & Soča Valley Links:

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Kobarid > Bovec > Most na Soči >
The Trenta Valley > Kozjak Waterfall > Mangart Mountain >

There is fantastic canyoning in the Soča region to suit a range of abilities. The Sušec canyon near Srpenica (between Bovec and Kobarid) offers a relatively gentle but great fun beginners option. Or try the longer and more advanced Mlinarca canyon in the Trenta Valley or for more hardened adrenalin junkies the Fratarica in Log Pod Mangrtom is a great option including a 50m waterfall to abseil down!


Fratarica Gorge

Fratarica Gorge due to its location requires a higher degree of awareness. Ropes are mandatory on three waterfalls and it is rated intermediate; not technically difficult. For the most part it is possible to jump and slide from waterfall to rock pool.

Predelica Gorge

Trekking between towering rocks and rappelling into dark green pools and you will experience five emerald waterfalls, the highest being 15m. You can choose either the upper or lower section, or both if you are good physical condition.

Sušec Gorge

Due to its relative proximity and easy access, Sušec is the ideal choice for an introduction to canyoning. It allows the first timer a chance to experience the hidden world of narrow channels, shady rock pools and waterfalls. It is possible to slide down most of the falls and to experience the elation of falling into an oversize bowl of water.


Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa



Indoor pool




TOLMIN - KOBARID - (Bovec and Soča Valley Region)

Bovec & Soča Valley Links:

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Kobarid > Bovec > Most na Soči >
The Trenta Valley > Kozjak Waterfall > Mangart Mountain >

There is great canyoning in this area, with some of Slovenia's most picturesque waterfalls playing host to intrepid adventurers bent on descending their drops. Located close to Tolmin, Pršjak is about 30 mins by car, an excellent place for adventure. Kozjak feeding the Soča River originates high beneath Mt. Krnčica and offers unforgettable scenery with its 15m white water column Veliki Kozjak.



Pršjak is located close to Tolmin and here the water level doesn’t change too much. As you walk through the forest to begin your adventure you will pass a number of waterfalls varying in length from 1m to 27m, all of which you will encounter again on the way down.


Kozjak is a demanding challenge. With 6 waterfalls, the highest of which Great Kozjak is 15m. Its bottom is covered by a large blue/green pool; one of the most visited spots in the region due to its easy access.






Outdoor pool - Lendava Thermal Spa



Bovec and the Soča Valley

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bled

Lepa Soča Apartment

2 br apt - Bovec

Villa Belica

3 br chalet - Lake Bohinj

Alpine Retreat

2 br chalet - Lake Bled

Kot House

3 br chalet - Bovec

Chalet Planina

3 br chalet - Lake Bohinj

Panorama Apartments

4 apts - Lake Bled

Mala Vas Chalet

2 apts - Bovec

Villa Stare

3 br chalet - Ukanc

Emona Bled Apartments

2 apts - Lake Bled

Rose Cottage Bovec

Rose Cottage

4 br house - Bovec

Apartment Alpik Ukanc

Apartment Alpik

4 apts + 1 chalet - Ukanc

Sava View Apartments

3 apts - Lake Bled

Soča Penthouse

2 br apt - Most na Soči

Apartment Bohinjko

1 br apartment - Ribčev Laz

ffie Perine Apartments & Studio - Bled

Effie Perine Apartments & Studio

3 apts - Lake Bled

Maharač Apartments Kamno Bovec

Maharač Apartments

3 apts - Kamno

Villa Melody - Lake Bohinj

Villa Melody

3 br villa - Ribčev Laz

ffie Perine Apartments & Studio - Bled

Villa Rečica

3 br apt - Lake Bled

Soča Villa

5 br villa - Drobočnik

Pokrovec Cottage

3 br chalet - Pokljuka

Castle View House - Lake Bled

Castle View House

3 br house - Spodnje Gorje

Polovnik House

3 br chalet - Srpenica


The Red House Bled

The Red House

3 br chalet - Spodnje Gorje

Koritnica Apartments

2 apts - Kal Koritnica


Villa Koritno, Bled

Villa Koritno

5 br chalet - Koritno

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