Nestled under the steep slopes of the perfect pyramid shaped Mount Storžič (2,132 m) between the towns of Kranj & Tržič is Preddvor - a charming small town, edged by the Kokra River and dotted with 4 Castles - Preddvor Castle, The Pusti Grad Castle, the Hrib Castle, and Turn Castle -  as well as a Manor and a Lake, which is its star attraction.

The Črnava Jezero (which translates into »black lake«, so called because of its dark blue-green colour) is popular for fly-fishing and swimming in Summer months, but is mainly just a beautiful place to relax in lovely scenery with the mighty Storžič in the background.

All the more so as the Hotel Bor bar / restaurant sits right on the edge of the lake. Close to the hotel is the medieval Hrib Castle, which is well worth a visit and Preddvor manor, a two-storey building in Renaissance-Baroque style with free private tours can be arranged with the custodian.

The various peaks surrounding Preddvor including Saint Jakob, Potoška gora, Potoška mountain, Kališče, Javorov vrh, Srednji vrh and of course Storžič offer different levels of difficulty for casual walking and more serious hiking all offering wonderful views over the Kranjska Valley and the surrounding peaks.


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