Lake Jasna


Located just 2 km from Kranjska Gora, Lake Jasna is a stunning alpine lake covering a surface area of 2.2 ha. A popular tourist destination, the views from here towards to surrounding mountains are nothing short of breathtaking. The lake is guarded by a statue of a Zlatorog (golden horn), the legendary chamois of Mt. Triglav.

In 2015, Lake Jasna underwent a facelift that has slightly transformed its overall appearance and tremendously boosted its popularity, with the addition of new visistor friendly features, that have received an informal approval by tourists and locals alike, in the form of increased visitor numbers. 

The new features are new beach areas and better access for swimmers / sunbathers, newly opened bar / ice cream parlour and finally a new three-tiered wooden diving platform, resembling a castle turret. 

Lake Jasna now offers not just a place for a walk to admire the views but somewhere lovely to while away whole Summer days on the beach, swimming and sunbathing - adding an important new dimension to Kranjska Gora’s Summer offering for tourists.


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