Dovje - Mojstrana


The twin villages of Dovje and Mojstrana rest in one of the most stunning locations in Slovenia, yet they differ greatly in character. Assuming opposite banks of the Sava River they are located along the main traffic route through the Lower Sava Valley and provide excellent starting points for exploring the Julian Alps and Karvanke Mountains.

Mojstrana began its life in the 14th century when mining and ironwork trades started to develop. It's better known now for skiers and alpinists, being home to the Slovenian Alpine Museum. From here three stunning Alpine Valleys lead you into the Heart of the Julian Alps and to Slovenia's highest peak, Mt. Triglav.

Perched beneath the steep side of the Karavanke Mountains, Dovje on the other hand has a 1,000 year history and agricultural tradtion. For centuries farmers formed terraced fields in the foothills. The semi-circular doors of farm houses are characteristic reminders of historic Alpine architecture. The cemetary near St. Michaels church is the resting place for numerous aplinists claimed by Triglav and the surrouding mountains.


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