5 Slovenian Castles For an Unexpected Destination Wedding



Slovenia has recently emerged as a surprising wedding destination for international visitors. Jani Peljhan, a local and owner of the Wajdusna travel company, also notes that the country has seen strong economic development, which, because the country is so young—it's been independent for 25 years—is all the more exciting. Peljhan recalls it as drastically different (and quite somber) walking through the country’s capital Ljubljana as recently as 2004 compared with today’s vibrant and energetic city. (And yes, maybe the renewed attention has something to do with Melania.)
Over the past half-decade, travel and wanderlust has morphed into a desire for Slovenian destination weddings. Explore the country and you’ll experience different geographic worlds interacting with one another; Slovenia is hugged by the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. However, the most alluring aspect of the country is the fairy-tale castles scattered across it.

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