Slovenia tourist voucher & Coronavirus / Covid-19 holiday rental information



In response to the Coronavirus pandemic the Slovenian government has issued "Turistični boni" or TOURIST VOUCHERS in the form of a credit on eDavki - the information system of the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia - to every person who permanently resided in Slovenia on 13 March 2020. The vouchers are valid for qualifying accommodation with or without breakfast in Slovenia. Vouchers cannot be used to pay for other supplementary costs such as tourist tax or cleaning fees.


is an adult or a person who turned 18 years old in year 2020. An adult beneficiary is entitled to a voucher of 200 EUR.


a minor or a person who did not reach the age of 18 in year 2020 is entitled to a voucher of 50 EUR.

Vouchers are transferable between family members, exempt from taxation and may be used in one go or in parts. Tourist vouchers are valid from 19th of June 2020 until 31st of December 2021 (last possible overnight stay with the voucher is from 30th to 31st of December 2021).



You can browse our beautiful self catering properties here , the majority of which are available to book with tourist vouchers.

Please enquire  to with your desired dates / group size / tourist voucher info / desired property or area and we would be very happy to make you proposals.

The value of your booking / the value of the tourist vouchers you wish to redeem will determine the payment structure of your booking. Tourist tax and cleaning fees cannot paid with tourist vouchers.



Virtually all properties managed by Think Slovenia have new more flexible booking conditions with 20% payable as a deposit and 80% payable 2 weeks before arrival.  For these properties payments are refundable in full minus bank charges in the following events applying at the time of arrival: Closure of tourism as an allowable activity / Closure of international border crossing into Slovenia, where the Guest is travelling from outside Slovenia / Ban on inter-regional or inter-municipal travel for non emergency / work purposes affecting the region where the Property is located or preventing the arrival of the Guest / Change to the quarantine regime from the time of booking to the time of arrival requiring quarantine on arrival for the Guest’s country of residence with no exemption for negative tests / vaccination status / previous infection. In the event of cancellation for other reasons normal cancellation terms shall apply.

For any properties with different booking / cancellation conditions, these will be advised prior to booking.




Please note that Slovenian Covid-19 regulations require guests (exc. children under 15 with close family member / guardian) to have either a negative PCR / HAG test issued by an EU state, UK or USA within 48 hours of arrival, a vaccination certificate (21 days since 1st dose of Astra Zeneca, 14 days since final dose of other vaccine providers) or doctor's certificate of recovery from COVID-19 within last 6 months. More info: 

You can find information on the Slovenian government’s latest travel restrictions in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic here




Virtually all of our properties have committed to set up and prepare their property according to Slovenian health institute (NIJZ) Coronavirus recommendations:

  • Textile and other decorative elements plus auxiliary items removed (rugs, decorative pillows, vases, extra blankets, bedcovers, toys / books / board games, printed welcome letters, all condiments…)
  • Check in and check out contactless where possible 
  • Hand sanitisers provided 
  • Promotional material removed
  • Bedrooms occupied by members of the same household
  • Where bathrooms are shared between members of different households, guests to be informed to disinfect / air it regularly / wear masks 
  • Display of information in Slovenian / English about preventive safety behaviour
  • Airing the property for 2 hours before & after cleaning
  • Disinfecting the following areas: staircase railings, switches, cupboard and wardrobe handles, door handles, kitchen counters, window sills, window handles, toilet seat, toilet flusher, all taps (in addition we are recommending disinfection of keys, keysafes, remote controls, toilet brush, appliances, thermostats, hairdriers, irons and ironing boards, bins, plugs and cables, sinks, fridge, freezer door, welcome baskets, showers and bath, cleaning equipment, kids items - cot / chair

We apologise to all our guest that due to the above recommendations our properties will be a little more basic than normal with decorative elements, games, books, toys etc removed. 




Virtually all of our properties offer contactless service:

- arrival and departure via a key safe at the property

- full guest instructions issued by email prior to arrival

- registration conducted online




At most of our holiday rental homes we have new multiweek booking discounts in place:
5% on stays 7-14 days, 10% on stays 14-21 days , 15% on stays 21-28 days, 20% on stays 28-42 days, 25% on stays 42 days+