Управление: Долгосрочная аренда

Наше предприятие помогает широкому спектру владельцев недвижимостей управлять и сдать в аренду по всей Словении, а также найти недвижимость иностранцем, приезжающем в Словению по работе или изучению. Наши услуги по долгосрочной аренде является уникальным, предлагая долгосрочную аренду на какой-либо срок над 1 месяц, а не только типичных 12 месячных сроков. Услуги созданы так, чтобы помогать вам заполнить периоды между разными сезонами / существующими арендами. За подробную информацию о наших ценах и функционировании наших услуг по долгосрочной аренде и управлению пишите нам и пошлите данные вашей недвижимости.


Rental lengths 

Unlike most agents, we offer long term rental for any periods above 1 month or more, not just classic 12 month contracts. Owners have complete control of rental periods accepted and can decide before we list their property what is the minimum and maximum rental period for their property and also let us know if there are periods when it is already occupied or unavailable. This is ideal if your property is only available for shorter periods: for example you have a strong local business or student community needing rentals of 1-6 months or if you normally rent out for tourism in the Summer but would like to make some income from longer term rental over the Winter months.


Usually our long term rental properties are located in cities (in particular Ljubljana) due to the nature of the long term rental market. However we also successfully let and manage long term lets in smaller towns and tourist centres such as Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Soca Valley and the Adriatic Coast. Sometimes properties in tourist areas are rented to people living and working permanently in the area, sometimes for people looking to rent holiday homes for a Summer, a ski season or longer term. 

Property types & furnishing 

We long term rent and manage city apartments and properties in tourist / holiday locations. All properties must be attractively located and of a good quality / condition in terms of the internal fittings and furnishings. Unfortunately we are not able to accept all properties for long term rental, especially where they do not meet location / condition criteria. Usually properties rented for under 3 months will need to be fully equipped (including kitchen equipment / bedding etc), for 3-6 month rentals properties should be mostly equipped but usually tenants will have some items such as bedding / kitchen equipment etc. For rentals of longer than 6 months furnishing is by agreement although in general most tenants like basic furniture to be provided in the property but may have some items such as beds / mattresses etc themselves. We can assist with fitting out / furnishing of properties if required. 


Referencing is not widely done in Slovenia but for long term rentals of 6 months+ we ask tenants to provide proof of employment status and references from their previous landlord. If required by the owner credit checks can be performed where the tenant is a company / sole trader. Due to the nature of rentals of less than 6 months (often tenants are students / business people from abroad on exchanges etc and tenancies are often paid wholly or almost wholly in advance) referencing procedures are more ad hoc depending on circumstances.

Bespoke rental search for non Slovenian residents 

We frequently work on behalf of tenants searching for long terms lets in Slovenia and who need help finding the right property. We offer a bespoke rental search service where we take a brief in terms of what clients are looking for, find a selection (usually 10-15 properties) which best fit the criteria and arrange a viewing programme, accompanying tenants to view the properties in a 1-3 day period. We will then assist in negotiation of terms, drafting and translation of contracts and all other paperwork requirements up to the point keys are exchanged. Please contact us for info on pricing / conditions.

Property Management Only 

In many areas we can also offer property management for clients who are not looking to rent out their property. This may involve Winter checks to ensure heating is working and pipes do not freeze, garden maintenance in Summer months, checking post and airing the property all year round.

Slovenian property management – Licenses & regulations

The services we offer in long term lettings and management are covered by our real estate agency license. Certain building types in Slovenia require a specific type of Slovenian property management company or “upravnik” to manage them. Typically this applies for larger multi apartment buildings (with more than 8 apartments) and the "upravnik" is responsible for the overall running and maintenance of the building. Our services are designed to complement not replace what the “upravnik” does in these kind of buildings. For buildings with less apartments or standalone houses there are no limitations and no requirement for an "upravnik".


We are able to assist most owners who are renting their property long term with management of their tax submissions in Slovenia in relation to the long term rental of their property. Tax on long term rental is charged at a fixed cost level of 25% of 90% of the income or 25% of income minus tax deductible expenses.