Строительство дома

Строительство дома является комплексным процессом, оказывающимся полезным в конце и предлагающим создать совершенную недвижимость для вас и ваших желаниях на привлекательном участке под застройку. Это иногда является тяжелым. Think Slovenia владеет большим опытом в сфере строительства в Словении и широким спектром опытных специалистов и поставщиков. Вместе с ними мы можем вам помочь при всем процессе строения вашего мечтательного дома - от поиска участка до того момента, когда вас ключи в руках.


Finding the Right Plot

Land plots in Slovenia have various classifications and in the vast majority of cases building a house must be done on designated building land. Usually building land is located in / around existing settlements / roads and in / around existing or ruined buildings. Outline planning information will also tell you what size of building can be placed on a given plot and the approximate position / size of the building. We have helped various private and business investors finding plots to suit their needs and depending on the purpose of the purchase we can advise you on which areas you should concentrate your search. Please click for our current building land for sale.

The Building Permission Process

Please see our Building Permission Applications page for more information.

Choosing Architects and Surveyors

Once you have found your plot it is very important to choose the right partners. There are thousands of architects to choose from but not all of them do the same kind of job or charge the same amount for it. Local architects can be good value but often specialise in drawing more standard plans and conducting the logistical side of the building permission application process but are not so ideas / design based. At Think Slovenia we not only have relationships with a number of local architects but also Ljubljana based firms which are more ideas / design based or specialise in certain types of construction such as eco friendly builds. We also work with a number of tried and tested land / quantity surveyors around the country. Let us be of assistance in helping you find the perfect partner for your project.

Appointing Builders and Tradesmen

It is crucial to appoint the right contractors for your project. On most new builds clients look for a main contractor who can subcontract most if not all of the trades and offer a contract which is fixed at least in some ways. We have direct relationships with tried and tested building firms who can act as main contractors but also with quantity surveyors who can help create a list of works with target costs which is used as a basis to tender out works to several building companies of which the best is selected. The correct approach to selecting contractors for your project will depend on the scale of the build, timings, location and other factors.

Building Project Management

When building from scratch for many building types you must have a building supervisor who will sign off on the works - proving that the building is built according to plan, installations are of sufficient quality etc. This approval is one element of obtaining permission for use. The supervisor will also be able to offer different levels of project management assistance / supervision of technical aspects of larger projects.

Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated homes are increasingly popular in Slovenia and abroad offering hi tech , high performance products and removing a lot of the uncertainty and mess form the building process. They also cut down on the time on the built process, with the shell of many prefabricated homes being put together in a matter of days. This said significant works will still be prepared to prepare the site / foundations etc and also to complete final works once the shell is up. Prefabricated homes also tend to be more energetically end eco friendly and the price is set before you start building so there are less hidden or unexpected costs. The downsides of prefabricated homes, there is no or very little scope for changes in the plans once these are drawn or changing layouts / internal walls later on should you need so in the future. There are a number of excellent Slovenian prefabricated home makers and as you would expect in a country of 60% forest also wooden frame and timber cabin suppliers too.

Fitting out Your Property

Please see our Fitting & Furnishing  page for more information.

Ballpark Timings and Costs

For a single dwelling house:

Building land: from 30 - 200 eur / m2 - this is very variable dependent on the area / micro location.

Architect: Typically 3,000 - 10,000 eur per building permission application depending on requirements. Typically putting together the application from first discussions to receiving the permission takes 6-12 months.

Taxes, municipal contributions & utility costs: Very difficult to estimate as varies so much from project to project depending on the location / size of building / location of utilities etc. However most projects will have costs in this area of a few thousand EUR.

Construction: cca 1,000-1,500 eur / m2 including VAT for a reasonable building quality. Usually the "classic" building process form scratch will take 9 -18 months. Prefabricated homes can knock 3-6 months off the schedule. 

Fitting & furnishing: Typically 10-15% of the value of the house with an average 3 month timescale for complete fit out, which can often be dovetailed with final construction phases.