После покупки и ремонте недвижимости, вам приходить её оборудование недвижимости. В Think Slovenia мы можем вам помочь при этом процессе, сколько вы хотите.

В начале нам надо поговорить в ваших желаниях: какие стили вам нравятся, ваш бюджет, количество вашей и нашей вовлеченности. Следующим шагом является поиск уникальной мебели, столяров и других подрядчиков для оборудования вашей недвижимости для сдавания в туристическую аренду. Мы также работаем со много дизайнерами интерьера, поэтому мы можем вам помочь при профессиональных планах.

После того как мы получили ваши желания, мы создаем план оборудования вашей недвижимости, в соответствии с характеристиками вашего дома, помогая с нашими испытавшими поставщиками где надо. Последним шагом является инсталляция и постановка все мебели все до распаковки ножей и вилок, инсталлированная ТВ и интернета или белья перед первым употреблением.

We have worked on a very wide range of styles from rustic alpine properties to modern ski apartments, from slick city new builds to 18th century old town properties. Often clients have a good sense of what they are looking for but if not we can show you some of our existing case studies and even take you to see some of our previous projects.

Some houses when sold come with traditional furniture which needs some TLC. We can help restore these pieces if desired using some of our excellent partner carpenters. Often older pieces can not be restored but painted of finished in a way to give it a more modern twist or help it fit in better with other pieces or colours in the property. Finally we can also source restored antique pieces or commission newly built carpentry pieces to match existing antique furniture.

Kitchens are something that come into play in most projects as most new builds in Slovenia are sold without kitchens and very often buyes of resale properties decide to replace the existing kitchen. Consequently we have worked on a wide range of kitchens - from restorations of existing kitchens, to Ikea design, supply and build, from bespoke carpenter built kitchens to outdoor kitchens for barbeque areas.

We have worked with a range of budget levels drawing on a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers lower budget retailers like Ikea furniture or Momax to high-end bespoke pieces and antique restorations. Our service can include everything from assistance choosing / sourcing items, purchase, delivery and installation. We have a great team of fitters and can install your furniture down to the last knife and fork.

We do not claim to be professional designers and sometimes the scale of a project or the specific requirements of the client warrant the involvement of a professional interior designer. A professional designer can assist with drawing up of plans in DWG and other formats to help visualise an interior solution as well as bringing an additional layer of possible suppliers and ideas about how to achieve the client's objectives. We are very comfortable working alongside professional designers and have done so on a number of projects in the past.

Most of our projects involve some level of carpentry and we are lucky to be working with some very talented carpenters all around the country. Unlike many countries carpentry can be a quite affordable solution in Slovenia especially when taking into consideration the superior quality and functionality of bespoke carpenter made items versus flat-pack equivalents. If you go the flat-pack route then of course we can get these designed, fitted and installed no problem.

Part of the fit out and furnishing service is of course various engaging trades required to get everything installed and working. Aside from the carpenters mentioned before we have excellent teams of electricians and plumbers, painters and decorators all around the country.

Where furnishing your property and making it nice we use quality and eco-friendly materials and making sure every piece of rubbish is recycled and disposed in correct way.

If you are planning to rent out for tourism then it is worth being aware of the rental regulations before you start working on your fit out. We can share with list of fittings and furnishings required for various star ratings and help you to navigate so that you achieve the star rating which you are aiming for your property. 

We also have a lot of experience of managing rental properties and have lots of practical ideas of fittings and materials which last longer and keep your running costs lower, whilst also maximising comfort for guests. For example some surfaces are very time consuming to clean, single sheets are more practical than doubles for laundry purposes etc.

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