Good quality Slovenian translations can save you time and money. 

At Think Slovenia we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality Slovenian translation in English to Slovene and Slovene to English. Unlike most translation agencies we are able to put native English and Slovenian speakers to work in partnership on most texts, meaning that our Slovenian / English translations are of the highest standard. Having native speakers of each language working together on a text at the translation stage and proof-reading stage means far more colloquial sounding translations and far fewer mistakes. 

Our English and Slovene native speakers are highly qualified in languages and have significant Slovenian translation experience:

in the last 10 years we have translated millions of words for translation agencies and direct clients alike. Texts include manuals for several global consumer electronics, domestic applicance and mobile telephone companies, marketing materials for a multinational motor corporation, contractual documents for the UK TV industry, subtitling for Hollywood films and a wide range of private documents such as marriage and birth certificates. Our key specialisation however is in property related translations - in particular sales and rental contracts, but also translation of land registry documentation, other types of property related contracts such as gift contracts and land surveying information. We are also expert in translation of Slovene building and construction related texts - quotes from buiilders, reports from surveyors and architects, official documents such as building permissions and permissions for usage.

Often our clients request court certified translations meaning that the translations can be used for official purposes in Slovenia and abroad. We do not have an in-house certification facility but partner with certified translators who are able to assist in this respect. 

Whilst most of our translations are done by our in-house team of natice Slovene / English speakers, when our clients require particularly long Slovenian translations rapidly we can call upon a network of qualified freelance Slovene translators, with a central team of English and Slovene native speakers editing their work into a single stylistically unified text. 



Our Areas of Slovenian Translation Expertise Include:
Real Estate
Building and Construction
Electronics and White Goods 
IT and Telecoms 
Marketing and Advertising
Financial and Corporate 
Defence and Military 
Localisation of Marketing Materials 
Birth and Marriage Certificates