Reservation Terms and Conditions

Think Slovenia Reservation Terms & Conditions



  1. These terms and conditions (hereinafter: T&Cs) relate to the reservation of tourist accommodation at the Property at the address given in reservation documentation (hereinafter: the Property).

  2. The reservation is hosted by the entity named in the reservation documentation who is registered to operate the Property for tourist accommodation rental, who in most cases is also the owner or co-owner of the Property (hereinafter: the Host). 

  3. The person or entity making the accommodation reservation accepts these T&Cs on behalf of every person in their party, who have authorized them to accept these T&Cs on their behalf (collectively hereinafter: the Guest(s)).

  4. The Host has authorized Think Slovenia (hereinafter: TS) to manage reservations for the Property on their behalf. TS is a Slovenian limited liability company TS1 d.o.o., with registered office Franca Nebca 14, 1000 Ljubljana, ID no.: 2257599, URL

  5. TS places advertising for the Property on its own marketing channels and website (hereinafter: as well as 3rd party accommodation platforms (hereinafter: Platform(s)).


  1. To make a reservation the Guest must follow the instructions provided at the time of reservation which include agreement with T&Cs, making a deposit payment and providing relevant information about their party. Where the reservation is made through a Platform, the Platform’s own T&Cs may apply in respect of reservation, payment and cancellation process and exemptions.

  2. Payment for the Guest’s reservation, comprises the rental amount, cleaning charge, tourist tax and other possible extras. Payment is usually made by the Guest via or via the Platform through which the Guest booked to TS who passes it to the Host minus relevant charges. Fees charged by the Platform to the Guest are additional to the reservation cost and TS / the Host are not liable for such fees to the Guest under any circumstance.

  3. The payment schedule for the Property is as follows unless otherwise stated during the reservation process:

    • 20% of total amount paid on reservation

    • 80% of total amount paid 2 weeks before arrival 

  4. For a minority of reservations the Guest will be asked to pay a deposit of not more than 20% with the remainder paid direct to the Host as instructed.

  5. In the event of payment by bank transfer the Guest is responsible for paying any applicable bank charges and the booking number should be used as a payment reference.

  6. If any payments are more than 3 days late TS / the Host may deem that the Guest has cancelled their reservation and clauses about cancellation by the Guest shall apply. 

  7. The Guest will be asked by TS / the Host to provide relevant personal information to allow TS / the Host to register their party on the day of arrival with the relevant authorities (AJPES online registry) and later to make tourist tax payment, according to valid Slovenian tourism regulations.

  8. Directions to the Property and relevant arrival information will be sent to the Guest on receipt of full payment and the Guest’s registration details (where appropriate).

  9. For reservations through some platforms a security deposit will be requested at the time of making the reservation and used to pay for the cost of possible damages made by the Guest / or extra charges such as additional cleaning. 


  1. Unless otherwise stated, the reservation starts at 4pm on the day of arrival, with a check-in period between 4pm and 8pm. The reservation ends at 10am on the day of departure. These times exist to allow the Property to be prepared following the departure of one group of Guests and the arrival of the next group on the same day. 

  2. In the event that the Guest is not able to meet these arrival / departure times it is their responsibility to contact the Host or TS to make alternative arrangements. Early / late arrival / departure can often be considered upon request by the Guest especially when there are no other arrivals / departures on the same day. 

  3. Arrival and departure are usually arranged using a key safe at the Property, meaning that it is a contactless process with no physical meeting between the Guest and the Host / TS.


  1. The deposit, rental amount, tourist tax and cleaning charge are refundable to the Guest, minus applicable bank charges, in the following events applying at the time of arrival: 

    1. Closure of tourism as an allowable activity. 

    2. Closure of international border crossing into Slovenia, where the Guest is travelling from outside Slovenia. 

    3. Ban on inter-regional or inter-municipal travel for non emergency / work purposes affecting the region where the Property is located or preventing the arrival of the Guest.

    4. Change to the quarantine regime from the time of booking to the time of arrival requiring quarantine on arrival for the Guest’s country of residence with no exemption for negative tests / vaccination status / previous infection.

  2. The following are not grounds for Guests to claim refund of deposit / rental amount.  

    1. Government travel advisory notices recommending against foreign travel to Slovenia or from their country of residence / previous county of travel.

    2. Requirement for negative testing by the Guest to enter the country or to avoid quarantining on entry.

    3. Changes to travel schedules of air / rail / road transport services. 

    4. Closure / availability of local services such as restaurants, shops, tourist attractions.

    5. Night-time curfew.

    6. Restrictions on social distancing or gatherings.


  1. In the event of cancellation of the reservation by the Guest, unless otherwise stated during the reservation process or these T&Cs, the 20% deposit is non refundable and after payment of the remaining rental amount, the following cancellation fee schedule applies:

a.    Cancellation up to 1 week to arrival: 50% of total rental (20% deposit + 30%)

b.    Cancellation 1 week - 48 hours to arrival: 70% of total rental (20% deposit + 50%)

c.     Cancellation Less than 48 hours to arrival: 80% of total rental (20% deposit + 60%)

  1. Notice of cancellation must be provided by the Guest in writing. Time remaining before arrival is calculated from receipt of written notice by TS to 4pm CET on arrival day.

  2. The full amount of tourist tax / cleaning charges paid by the Guest are refundable to the Guest in the event of cancellation before arrival.

  3. In the event that the Guest does not arrive within 24 hours after arrival date / time without informing TS, TS has discretion to deem that the Guest has cancelled the reservation and in this case deposit and rental amount are unrefundable.

  4. In the event that the cancelled dates are rebooked by another Guest there is no effect on the liability of the first Guest to pay the cancellation fees detailed above.

  5. Cancellations by the Guest after arrival are discussed between TS / Guests / Host on a case by case basis. Such cancellations are usually made due to a problem with the Property and, as such, refunds are dependent on the nature of the cancellation / complaint as detailed in the complaints section below.

  6. All refunds of deposits and main rental payments are made minus the cost of applicable bank fees charged on receipt or return of money to the Guest.

  7. If the Guest is concerned that they may have to cancel their booking, they are encouraged to purchase cancellation protection insurance. This insurance is available with many travel insurance policies or separately during the reservation process. 


  1. Cancellation by the Host may occasionally be necessary due to problems arising with the Property which prevent the Host from fulfilling the reservation or other similar reasons on the side of the Host.

  2. In the unlikely event of cancellation by the Host before arrival any deposit or prior payment made to the Host / TS will be refunded.

  3. If changes to the reservation must be made by the Host, the Guest will be given the choice of accepting the changed arrangements or of cancelling the reservation and having payments refunded. 

  4. In the event of cancellation by the Host after arrival the refund amount will be calculated to take account of the proportion of the reservation already fulfilled before cancellation including tourist tax and cleaning charges.

  5. Where a reservation is terminated by the Host due to actions of the Guest, such as disturbance to neighbours or other breaches of T&Cs, this shall be determined as cancellation by the Guest. 

  6. In cases of cancellation or changes by the Host, the Host shall not be liable to the Guest for any cost, loss or damage greater than the cost of the reservation.


  1. Where the Guest wishes to make a change to their reservation, TS shall have discretion, depending on market conditions, as to whether this is possible. For many changes an administration fee of 50 EUR + VAT shall apply at the discretion of TS. If changes are not possible and the Guest is not able to continue with the original reservation then relevant cancellation fees will apply. 

  2. Transferral of reservation by the Guest to a third party can be considered upon request and accepted at the discretion of TS / the Host in writing and will usually be subject to an administration fee of 50 EUR + VAT. The transferee must agree to these T&Cs in order to complete the transfer and becomes liable for obligations in respect of the reservation. Payments made until the time of transferal shall be deemed as made by the transferee and it shall be the responsibility of the original guest to obtain reimbursement for such payments from the transferee. After transfer any subsequent payments in respect of the reservation are the responsibility of the transferee.  

  3. Subletting of the Property or part of the Property by the Guest is strictly prohibited and except in cases of agreed transferral of reservation, the reservation is only valid for the Guest and their party whose names appears on reservation / registration documentation. Unauthorized transferral of reservations or subletting may result in the termination of the Guest’s reservation with no refund of payments made.


  1. The Property is a private residence and the Guest is asked to look after it as they would their own home.

  2. The number of people in the Guest’s party is defined on the reservation documentation and can only be changed with the written permission of TS / the Host. The maximum number of occupants at the Property determined on may not be exceeded.

  3. The Guest is asked to respect the community local to the Property and to be quiet in outdoor areas between the hours of 10pm – 7am. In the event that credible reports of significant disturbance or anti-social behaviour are received by the Host or TS this may result in the termination of the reservation with no refund of payments made.

  4. The Guest should take reasonable security precautions including locking doors and windows at night and when leaving the Property. 

  5. Unless otherwise advised Guests should leave keys on departure according to instructions in arrival information, which will usually be in a key safe at the Property. 

  6. No pets or animals are allowed at the Property without written permission of the Host or TS. This does not guarantee that pets have never occupied the Property and TS / the Host accept no liability for allergic reactions or other issues arising from this.

  7. Information regarding car parking is provided on the and it is the responsibility of the Guest to discuss with TS / the Host options in the event of the Guest requiring more than stated parking.

  8. Guests are asked to dispose / recycle waste according to local regulations and understand that non-separation of waste can lead to fines which will, if appropriate, be passed to the Guest, possibly by means of a deduction from the security deposit.

  9. Unless otherwise stated the Property is non-smoking in internal areas.

  10. Heating is provided on the basis of reasonable usage and in the event of unreasonable usage (for example windows being left open for extended periods whilst heating is running) additional charges may apply, possibly by means of a deduction from the security deposit.

  11. The Property does not have to be thoroughly cleaned by the Guest at the end of the reservation but should be left in good general order. In particular washing up should be done, rubbish and Guest possessions / supplies removed. If the Property is left in a very poor level of cleanliness the Guest is liable for the cost of additional cleaning / disposal charges, possibly in the form of a deduction from the security deposit. 

  12. Articles left by the Guest can usually be forwarded by post by the Host / TS. Unclaimed articles may be disposed of after 7 days if not claimed by the Guest. Postage and packing is payable by the Guest along with an administration fee as appropriate. 

  13. The property will be supplied with certain domestic items for the convenience of the Guest on arrival including handsoap, bin bag, washing up liquid and cloth, dishwasher tablets and toilet paper. Once the items provided at arrival have been used by the Guest it is the Guest’s responsibility to purchase replacements for their own usage as required - including toilet paper. The guest is responsible for supplying their own food, drink or cooking ingredients. The Guest uses any such items provided by the Host or remaining following previous Guest departure at their own risk including the contents of a welcome pack, where provided and the Host takes no responsibility for their suitability for the Guest. The Guest may contact the Host / TS to arrange for the removal of any such items if preferred. 

  14. The Property will be provided clean with beds made and ready for use by the Guest. Sofa-beds will usually not be made up but bedding will be left out for the Guest as appropriate to the reservation. 

  15. Cleaning of bed linen and towels at the end of the reservation is the responsibility of the Host. Guests should not take extra towels / linen from linen cupboard without agreement with the Host / TS and in the event that excessive amounts of linen / towels are used without prior agreement extra charges may apply. 

  16. The Property is cleaned and replacement bed linen / towels provided each week for stays of 10 days or more unless otherwise agreed between the Host or TS and the Guest. Cleaning during the stay can be conducted to the extent that the Guest’s possessions at the Property allow the cleaner to access surfaces / floor space. Additional cleaning / replacement towels or bedlinen can be arranged during the tenancy at an extra cost to be agreed between the Host / TS and the Guest.

  17. Any damage / breakage noticed on arrival at the Property or made by the Guest during the reservation should be reported to the Host / TS immediately so the Host or TS may arrange repairs / replacements as soon as possible. The Guest will give the Host reasonable time to address such problems taking into consideration local conditions such as public holidays, availability of parts and labour.

  18. The Guest is responsible for returning the Property to the condition under which it was received by the Guest at the start of his tenancy (with the exception of cleaning and laundry as detailed under relevant clause). The Guest is liable for the cost of damage / breakages for which they are responsible as well as additional cleaning charges, where the Guest leaves the Property in an unacceptable condition. Such charges will be deducted from the security deposit where relevant. All such charges or deductions to security deposit will first be discussed with the Guest, who will be provided with estimates / invoices for repairs / replacements / additional cleaning where available. 

  19. The use of the Property and all of its facilities, inside and outside the building and including common areas is at the risk of the Guest and their party. The Host / TS are not liable for any accidents, mishaps or misadventures through use of the Property. The Host / TS exclude liability for illness or injury to the Guest, loss or damage to the Guest’s personal belongings or any claim relating to loss of income or business in connection to the reservation at the Property. In particular, the Host / TS accept no liability resulting from snow falling from the roof or other parts of the Property or from slipping on snow or ice on the ground at or near the Property and the Guest understands that extra care must be taken in snowy / icy conditions. 

  20. The Guest and their party must have travel insurance giving appropriate cover for possible loss, damages or injury in relation to the reservation at the Property. If they are not covered by adequate travel insurance for the reservation at the Property, the Host or TS shall not be held liable for any claim that would have been covered by an appropriate travel insurance policy. The Guest agrees not to make claims to the Host or TS where the same claim can be / has been assessed, settled or dismissed by a travel insurer. In some cases, before answering a claim from the Guest, the Host will request written confirmation from the Guest’s insurers that they are not able to settle such a claim. 

  21. Property pricing and reservation conditions may vary on different Platforms and / or due to factors such as special offers, cancellation conditions or time until arrival. Such variations shall have no effect on the price and reservation conditions accepted by the Guest at the time of making the reservation, which, once agreed by payment of deposit and acceptance of T&Cs, are considered to be fixed. 

  22. Reviews placed for the Property must represent a balanced and reasonable picture based on facts relating the Guest’s experience at the Property.

  23. The Guest must be contactable by TS / the Host with the details provided on the reservation documentation / correspondence, for example in the unlikely event of problems with the Property or reservation. If the Guest does not respond after multiple / persistent efforts, the reservation may be deemed to be cancelled by the Guest and relevant cancellation clauses apply.

  24. In the event that the Guest is unhappy with any element of the reservation they should make a complaint to TS / the Host as it arises during the stay. In the event that the problem cannot be resolved quickly and creates significant disturbance to the Guest’s enjoyment of their reservation, compensation can be discussed between the Guest and the Host / TS and in all cases will be limited to the value of the reservation. Compensation may not be possible or reduced if the Guest does not give the Host / TS an adequate opportunity to address a complaint by reporting it during the stay. Complaints can be considered at the latest 7 days following the conclusion of the reservation. Guests are asked to consider the advertised condition, features and price in any complaint as compensation cannot be offered in relation to non-advertised features.


  1. A contract in respect of the reservation at the Property is made between the Guest and the Host with TS acting as the Host’s representative for many aspects of the reservation.

  2. The Host agrees to exercise great care and attention in preparing the Property for the Guest’s enjoyment and safety so as to meet the reasonable expectations of the Guest based on the advertised description of the Property.

  3. The Host is responsible for ensuring that reservations at the Property are made according to the relevant tourism regulations in Slovenia in terms of condition and legality of the building, fire safety, servicing of heating and other devices, features and equipment provided, associated star rating, registration of Guests and payment of tourist tax. 

  4. The Host agrees to have a valid home insurance policy with public liability clauses, protection against theft, fire and natural events such as earthquake and flood.

  5. The Host is responsible for providing the Guest the Property in the same condition as advertised, fully furnished and equipped, including crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment, towels and bath linen. Fuel / electricity for lighting, cooking, refrigeration and hot water is included in the cost of the reservation. Heating is also included unless specified otherwise at the time of making the reservation. 

  6. The Host will make considerable efforts to fix possible breakdown of machines / devices or other problems with the Property during the reservation as quickly as possible. The Guest is asked to understand that availability of parts / labour / public holidays or similar may effect time required to make repairs. In the event of significant disruption to the Guest’s stay appropriate compensation can be agreed between the Host and the Guest by following the complaints procedure in these T&Cs. Liability in the event of discrepancies in accuracy of published descriptions or breakdown of machines or equipment in the Property is limited to the rental amount paid by the Guest. 

  7. Individual fittings, furnishings and decorations in the Property can and do change from time to time and the Host / TS accept no liability in respect of such changes where they are minor / aesthetic only. 

  8. No liability can be accepted by the Host / TS in respect of allergic reactions or other medical conditions in the Guest especially in the event that cleaning prior to the Guest’s stay has not excluded traces of foods, liquids or other substances.


  1. The Host has authorized TS to manage reservations for the Property on their behalf including: 

    1. Setting Property pricing 

    2. Managing Property listings on and accommodation rental platforms 

    3. Setting Property reservation and cancellation conditions 

    4. Managing enquiries 

    5. Processing bookings

    6. Updating availablity 

    7. Collecting / managing deposit / final payments / tourist tax / extras

    8. Management of Guest cancellations

    9. Handling Guest pre-arrival questions

    10. Guest feedback request after stay 

    11. Review management

  2. Unless otherwise advised during the reservation process TS is also responsible for arrangement of Guest arrival and departure, including determining arrival and departure times, registration of Guests on Slovenian government AJPES platform, management of complaints and handling of issues that may arise at the Property during the stay. 

  3. Where the Host is responsible for arranging the arrival / departure, they are usually the first point of contact in the case of problems during the stay, which will be clarified in the booking documentation provided to the Guest.

  4. Reservations are made by TS as an intermediary in the name of the Host, who, as the registered rental entity, is deemed to be contracting with the Guest in providing the accommodation at the Property.

  5. Obligations and duties of the Host as defined by these T&Cs, may be fulfilled by TS as the Host's representative, where TS is authorised to do so. 

  6. TS cannot accept liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from the reservation of the Property, resulting actions of the Guest, Host or other associated third parties or from reliance on information or professional opinion relating to the reservation provided to the Guest.

  7. The Host periodically updates their Property and no liability can be accepted by TS in cases of minor inaccuracies or omissions on advertised information about the Property or information provided to the Guest local facilities or services, which are outside the control of TS / the Host. In the unlikely event of major inaccuracies or omissions about the Property, TS’ liability is limited to the value of the reservation.

  8. TS Privacy Statement may be viewed at​.

  9. TS guarantees never to sell personal data to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. The Guest can unsubscribe at any time from receiving any marketing or promotional communication or demand the deletion of their personal data via email to


  1. By continuing with the reservation the Guest and their party are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these T&Cs.

  2. Should a dispute arise, the parties shall try to resolve it amicably.

  3. These T&Cs are made in Slovenian, accompanied by an English translation and are subject to Slovenian law and interpretation and the Slovenian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any dispute between the parties. 

  4. If any part of these T&Cs shall be held to be invalid and unenforceable by law, such provision shall be void without affecting other parts of the T&Cs, which shall remain in full force.

  5. With the exception of cancellation fee exemptions in these T&Cs, the Host / TS accept no liability in respect of alterations, delays, cancellation or other loss, injury or damage caused by wars, revolutions, terrorist activities, riots, civil commotions, strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes, natural disasters, epidemic, pandemic, fire, floods, storms, failure of utilities including gas, water, electricity or internet services, actions of any government or public authority, changes imposed by rescheduling or cancellation of buses, ferries, railways, airlines or road closures which are beyond their control or any other circumstances or events amounting to ‘force majeure’.

  6. These T&Cs, applicable Platform T&Cs and associated reservation documentation comprise the whole agreement between the Guest and the Host / TS. No variation of these T&Cs shall be effective unless agreed in writing by the Guest and the Host / TS.

  7. The Guest agrees that their personal data and that of their Party may be:

    1. Shared by TS with the Host. 

    2. Used / processed by TS / Host for internal purposes, analysis and statistics, to process submitted orders and provide ordered products and services. 

    3. Shared with third parties including the Slovenian Government tourist registration systems (AJPES / Police) and relevant tourist tax authorities for the explicit purpose of conducting the reservation at the Property legally.

    4. Used by TS for the purposes of direct marketing and promotion only in the event that the Guest consents to do so by email to 



Think Slovenia splošni pogoji rezervacije



  1. Ti splošni pogoji (v nadaljevanju SP) se nanašajo na rezervacijo turistične nastanitve v Nastanitvi na naslovu, navedenem v rezervacijski dokumentaciji (v nadaljevanju Nastanitev).

  2. Rezervacijo prevzame Ponudbnik nastanitve, naveden v rezervacijski dokumentaciji, ki je registriran za oddajanje nastanitvije v turistični najem in je v večini primerov tudi lastnik ali solastnik nastanitve (v nadaljevanju: Ponudnik nastanitve).

  3. Fizična ali pravna oseba, ki rezervira nastanitev, sprejema te splošne pogoje v svojem imenu in v imenu vseh članov skupine za katere je vršila rezervacijo (v nadaljevanju: Gost(i)).

  4. Ponudnik nastanitve je pooblastil podjetje Think Slovenia (v nadaljevanju: TS), da v njegovem imenu upravlja rezervacije za Nastanitev. TS je slovenska družba z omejeno odgovornostjo TS1 d.o.o., s sedežem na naslovu Franca Nebca 14, 1000 Ljubljana, ID št.: 2257599, URL

  5. TS oglašuje Nastanitev preko lastnih tržnih kanalih in na spletnem mestu (v nadaljnjem besedilu: ter na nastanitvenih platformah tretjih oseb (v nadaljnjem besedilu: Platforme).


  1. Za rezervacijo Nastanitve mora Gost slediti navodilom v času rezervacije, kar vključuje tudi strinjanje s SP, plačilo pologa in zagotavljanje ustreznih informacij o sebi in ostalih članih skupine za katere se vrši rezervacija. Kadar je rezervacija opravljena prek Platforme, lahko v povezavi s postopkom rezervacije, plačili, odpovedjo in oprostitvami veljajo splošni pogoji Platforme.

  2. Plačilo za rezervacijo vključuje znesek najema, strošek čiščenja, turistično takso in druga možna doplačila. Plačilo običajno opravi Gost preko ali preko Platforme, kjer je Gost rezerviral. Plačilo urejeno preko Platforme  prejme TS in ga posreduje naprej Ponudniku nastanitve z odštetimi stroški. Stroški Platforme, ki jih Platforma zaračuna Gostu, je dodaten strošek k rezervaciji in TS / Ponudnik namestitve v nobenem primeru ne odgovarja za te dodatne stroške.

  3. Če med postopkom rezervacije ni navedeno drugače, je razpored plačil za Nastanitev sledeč:

  • 20% celotnega zneska se poravna ob rezervaciji

  • 80% celotnega zneska se poravna 2 tedna pred prihodom

  1. Za nekatere rezervacije bo moral Gost plačati polog v vrednosti največ 20% celotnega zneska, preostanek pa bo moral plačati neposredno Ponudniku nastanitve.

  2. V primeru plačila z bančnim nakazilom je Gost odgovoren za plačilo vseh povezanih bančnih stroškov, številko rezervacije pa je treba uporabiti kot referenco za plačilo.

  3. Če Gost zamuja s plačilom več kot 3 dni, TS / Ponudnik nastanitve to razume kot, da je Gost odpovedal rezervacijo, in veljajo določila o odpovedi s strani gosta.

  4. TS / Ponudnik nastanitve bo Gosta pozval, naj predloži ustrezne osebne podatke, tako da bo lahko TS / Ponudnik nastanitve na dan prihoda prijavil vse člane skupine za katere se vrši rezervacija, pri ustreznih organih (spletni register AJPES) in kasneje tudi poravnal plačilo turistične takse, v skladu z veljavnimi slovenskimi turističnimi predpisi.

  5. Navodila za pot do Nastanitve in ostali podatki o prihodu, bodo Gostu poslani po prejemu celotnega plačila in pridobljenih podatkih za registracijo Gostov (kjer je to potrebno).

  6. Za rezervacije prek nekaterih Platform je zahtevano predplačilo varščine, za namen kritja stroškov morebitne škode, ki jo je naredil Gost, ali dodatnih stroškov, kot je naprimer dodatno čiščenje.


  1. Če ni navedeno drugače, se rezervacija začne na dan prihoda ob 16. uri, čas prihoda pa je možen med 16. in 20. uro. Rezervacija se konča ob 10. uri na dan odhoda. Naveden čas prihoda in odhoda je zastavljen tako, da se Nastanitev lahko ustrezno pripravi za naslednjo skupino Gostov, ko sta prihod in odhod na isti dan.

  2. V primeru, da Gost ur prihoda / odhoda ne more upoštevati, je odgovornost Gosta, da se obrne na Ponudnika nastanitve ali TS, in se dogovori za alternativno možnost. Zgodnji / pozen prihod / odhod je možno odobriti ob predhodnji prošnji Gosta, še posebej takrat kadar v Nastanitvi ni drugega prihoda / odhoda na isti dan.

  3. Prihod in odhod se običajno uredi preko sefa za ključe, ki je lociran na Nastanitvi, kar pomeni, da gre za  brezkontaktni postopkem, brez fizičnega stika med Gostom in Ponudnikom nastanitve / TS.


  1. Prvi polog, znesek najema, turistična taksa in strošek čiščenja, se povrnejo Gostu z odštetimi bančnimi stroški, v naslednjih primerih, ki veljajo na dan prihoda Gostov:

  1. Turizem je začasno nedovoljena dejavnosti.

  2. Nezmožnost prehoda v Slovenijo, v primeru kjer Gost prihaja v Nastanitev izven Slovenije.

  3. Velja trenutna prepoved medregionalnih ali medobčinskih potovanj, ki niso za nujen ali služben namen, kjer se nahaja Nastanitev in preprečuje prihod Gosta.

  4. Sprememba režima karantene nastala od časa rezervacije do prihoda, ki zahteva karanteno ob prihodu, za Gosta iz določene države prebivališča, brez izjem za negativne teste / status cepljenja / predhodno okužbo.

  1. Naslednji primeri niso razlog za povračilo pologa / zneska najema.

  1. Vladna svetovalna obvestila o potovanjih, ki odsvetujejo potovanja tujcem v Slovenijo ali potovanja iz države prebivališča Gosta / prejšnje države iz katere prihaja Gost.

  2. Zahteva po negativnem testiranju Gosta za namen vstopa v državo ali v izogib obvezne karantene ob vstopu.

  3. Spremembe voznih redov letalskih / železniških / cestnih prevozov.

  4. Zaprtje / omejitve delovanja lokalnih storitev, kot so restavracije, trgovine, turistične znamenitosti.

  5. Nočna policijska ura.

  6. Omejitve glede vzdrževanja razdalje ali druženja.


  1. V primeru, da Gost odpove rezervacijo, 20% polog ni vračljiv, za preostali znesek najema pa velja naslednji razpored (razen v primeru ko je navedeno drugače med rezervacijskim postopkom ali v teh SP):

  1. Odpoved do 1 tedna do prihoda: 50% celotnega zneska najema (20% polog + 30%)

  2. Odpoved od 1 tedna do 48 ur do prihoda: 70% celotnega zneska najema (20% polog + 50%)

  3. Odpoved manj kot 48 ur do prihoda: 80% celotnega zneska najema (20% polog + 60%)

  1. Obvestilo o odpovedi rezervacije mora Gost predložiti v pisni obliki. Preostali čas do prihoda se izračuna od prejema pisnega obvestila s strani TS do 16:00 po srednjeevropskem času na dan prihoda.

  2. Celoten znesek turistične takse / stroškov čiščenja, plačan s strani Gosta, se povrne v primeru odpovedi pred prihodom.

  3. V primeru, da Gost ne prispe v 24 urah po datumu / času prihoda, ne da bi o tem obvestil TS, lahko TS po lastni presoji ugotovi, da je Gost odpovedal rezervacijo. V tem primeru znesek pologa in najema ni vračljiv.

  4. V primeru, da odpovedane datume rezervira drug Gost, to ne vpliva na odgovornost prvega Gosta, glede plačila zgoraj opisanih stroškov odpovedi.

  5. Ob odpovedi Gosta po prihodu bodo razpravljali TS / Gost / Ponudnik nastanitve in se odločali o pogojih od primera do primera. Takšne odpovedi se običajno zgodijo zaradi težav z Nastanitvijo, zato so vračila odvisna od narave odpovedi / pritožbe, kot je podrobno opisano v spodnjem odstavku glede pritožb.

  6. Vsa vračila plačanih pologov in zneskov plačil se zmanjšajo za vrednost bančnih stroškov, ki se zaračunajo ob prejemu ali vrnitvi denarja gostu.

  7. Če obstaja skrb, da bo Gost morda moral odpovedati svojo rezervacijo, naj dokupi zavarovanje za odpoved rezervacije. Takšne zavarovalne police nudijo zavarovalnice , lahko pa ga tudi dokupite ločeno med postopkom rezervacije.


  1. Odpoved rezervacije s strani Ponudnika nastanitve se lahko občasno zgodi zaradi težav, ki nastanejo z Nastanitvijo ali drugih podobnih razlogov, ki Ponudniku nastanitve preprečujejo izpolnitev rezervacije.

  2. V malo verjetnem primeru odpovedi s strani Ponudnika nastanitve pred prihodom Gosta, se vsa že plačana predplačila izvršena Ponudniku nastanitve / TS povrnejo.

  3. Če mora Ponudnik nastanitve spremeniti rezervacijo, se Gost lahko odloči, ali bo sprejel spremenjeni dogovor ali preklical rezervacijo in prejel vračilo za že narejena plačila.

  4. V primeru odpovedi s strani Ponudnika nastanitve po prihodu Gosta, bo znesek vračila izračunan tako, da bo upošteval delež rezervacije, ki je bila že izpolnjena pred odpovedjo, vključno s turistično takso in stroški čiščenja.

  5. Če Ponudnik nastanitve prekine rezervacijo zaradi dejanj Gosta, kot so motenje sosedov ali druge kršitve splošnih pogojev, se ta odpoved obravnava kot odpoved s strani Gosta.

  6. V primeru odpovedi ali sprememb s strani Ponudnika nastanitve, Ponudnik nastanitve ne odgovarja za nobene stroške, izgube ali škodo, večje od stroškov rezervacije, nastale na strani Gosta.


  1. Če želi Gost spremeniti svojo rezervacijo, ima TS glede na razmere na trgu pravico do odločitve, ali je to mogoče. Za številne spremembe se po presoji TS uporablja administrativna tarifa v višini 50 EUR + DDV. Če spremembe niso možne in Gost ne more nadaljevati s prvotno rezervacijo, se zaračunajo ustrezni stroški za odpoved rezervacije.

  2. Prenos rezervacije s strani Gosta na tretjo osebo se lahko preuči na zahtevo in sprejme po lastni presoji TS / Ponudnika nastanitve v pisni obliki, za to spremebno pa se Gostu običajno zaračuna administrativna tarifa v višini 50 EUR + DDV. Prevzemnik rezervacije (v nadaljevanju: Prevzemnik) se mora strinjati s temi SP in tako postane odgovoren za obveznosti v zvezi z rezervacijo. Za plačila, izvršena do predaje, se šteje, da jih je prevzel Prevzemnik, prvotni Gost pa je dolžan pridobiti povračilo za ta plačila od Prevzemnika. Po prenosu je za vsa nadaljnja plačila v zvezi z rezervacijo odgovoren Prevzemnik.

  3. Gostu je strogo prepovedano oddajanje Nastanitve ali dela Nastanitve v najem, razen v primeru dogovorjenega prenosa rezervacije, rezervacija velja samo za Gosta in osebe, katerih imena so navedena v dokumentaciji za rezervacijo / registracijo. Nepooblaščen prenos rezervacije ali oddaja v podnajem lahko povzroči takojšnjo prekinitev rezervacije Gosta brez vračila plačil.


  1. Nastanitev je zasebno bivališče in Gosta prosimo, naj skrbi za Nastanitev, kot če bi šlo za lasten dom.

  2. Število Gostov v skupini je določeno v rezervacijski dokumentaciji in ga je mogoče spremeniti le s pisnim dovoljenjem TS / Ponudnika nastanitve. Največje število gostov v Nastanitvi je določeno na in ne sme biti preseženo.

  3. Gosta prosimo, da spoštuje lokalno skupnost kjer se nahaja Nastanitev in se vzdrži hrupa na prostem v naseljenih območjih med 22. in 7. uro. V primeru, da Ponudnik nastanitve ali TS prejme verodostojna poročila o znatnem motenju ali nesocialnem vedenju, lahko to povzroči takojšen preklic rezervacije brez vračila plačil.

  4. Gost mora skrbeti za razumne varnostne ukrepe, vključno z zaklepanjem vrat in oken ponoči in ob odhodu iz nastanitve.

  5. V kolikor ni drugače dogovorjeno, Gost ob odhodu pusti ključe v skladu z navodili, ki jih je prejel pred prihodom. Običajno je to v sefu za ključe lociranem na Nastanitvi.

  6. Brez pisnega dovoljenja Ponudnika nastanitve ali TS v Nastanitvi niso dovoljeni hišni ljubljenčki ali druge živali. To ne pomeni, da hišni ljubljenčki niso nikoli bivali v Nastanitvi in TS / Ponudnik nastanitve ne prevzema odgovornosti za alergijske reakcije ali druga težave, ki lahko iz tega izhajajo.

  7. Informacije o možnosti parkiranja so na voljo na spletnem mestu, Gost pa je odgovoren za komunikacijo s TS / Ponudnikom nastanitve o dodatnih možnostih, če Gost potrebuje več parkirnih prostorov kot navedeno.

  8. Goste prosimo, da odpadke odvržejo in reciklirajo v skladu z lokalnimi predpisi in razumejo, da lahko neločevanje odpadkov privede do glob, ki bodo po potrebi prenesene na Gosta, po možnosti z odbitkom od varščine.

  9. V kolikor ni navedeno drugače, je v notranjih prostorih Nastanitve prepovedano kajenje.

  10. Ogrevanje se zagotavlja na podlagi razumne porabe. V primeru nerazumne uporabe (na primer: odprta okna dlje časa med ogrevanjem) se lahko zaračunajo dodatni stroški, po možnosti z odbitkom od varščine.

  11. Ob koncu rezervacije Gostu Nastanitve ni potrebno temeljito očistiti, vendar pa je Nastanitev potrebno zapustiti v dobrem splošnem stanju. Potrebno je pomiti posodo ter odstraniti smeti ter lastnino Gostov. Če Gost zapusti Nastanitev v zelo slabem stanju kar zadeva čistočo, je Gost odgovoren za dodatne stroške čiščenja / odstranjevanja smeti, po možnosti v obliki odbitka od varščine.

  12. Osebne stvari, ki jih Gost pozabil v Nastanitvi, lahko v večini primerov Ponudnik nastanitve / TS pošlje nazaj po pošti. Pozabljene stvari se lahko po 7 dneh zavržejo, če jih Gost do takrat ne zahteva nazaj. Poštnino in pakiranje plača Gost skupaj z administrativno tarifo.

  13. Gostom bodo ob prihodu na voljo določeni gospodinjski predmeti, vključno z milom za roke, vrečko za smeti, tekočino in gobico za pomivanje posode, tabletami za pomivalni stroj in toaletnim papirjem. Če Gost med bivanjem uporabi vse predmete, ki jih je imel priskrbljene ob prihodu, si mora nadomestne izdelke za lastno uporabo priskrbeti sam, vključno s toaletnim papirjem. Gost je sam odgovoren za oskrbo s hrano, pijačo. Gost gospodinjske predmete, ki jih zagotovi Ponudnik nastanitve ali ostanejo po prejšnjem odhodu Gosta, uporablja na lastno odgovornost, vključno z vsebino paketa dobrodošlice, če je le ta na voljo. Ponudnik nastanitve ne prevzema odgovornosti za njihovo primernost za Gosta. V kolikor Gost želi, da se takšni predmeti odstranijo iz Nastanitve, se lahko obrne na Ponudnika nastanitve / TS.

  14. Nastanitev bo za Gosta pripravljena, očiščena in s postlanimi posteljami. Sedežna garnitura z ležiščem običajno ni pripravljena, razen zložene posteljnine, če je bilo to dogovorjeno pri rezervaciji.

  15. Za čiščenje posteljnine in brisač ob koncu rezervacije je odgovoren Ponudnik nastanitve. Gostom ni dovoljeno vzeti dodatnih brisač / posteljnine iz omare za perilo, brez dogovora s Ponudnikom nastanitve / TS in v primeru, da se brez predhodnega dogovora porabi večja količina posteljnine / brisač, je Gost lahko odgovoren za dodatne stroške pranja.

  16. Za rezervacije 10 dni ali več, se vsak teden opravi čiščenje in zamenjava posteljnine / brisač, razen če se Ponudnik nastanitve / TS in Gost ne dogovorita drugače. Čiščenje med bivanjem se lahko opravi kadar lastnina Gosta v Nastanitvi čistilni ekipi omogoča dostop do površin / tal. Dodatno čiščenje / nadomestne brisače ali posteljnina so na voljo ob doplačilu in predmet dogovora med Ponudnikom nastanitve / TS in Gostom.

  17. Za vsako škodo / okvaro, ki jo Gost opazi ob prihodu v Nastanitev ali jo povzroči med rezervacijo, je treba takoj obvestiti Ponudnika nastanitve / TS, tako da lahko Ponudnik nastanitve ali TS čim prej uredi popravila / zamenjave. Gost bo Ponudniku nastanitve dal razumen čas za reševanje takšnih težav ob upoštevanju pogojev, kot so prazniki, razpoložljivost nadomestnih delov in razpoložljiva delovna sila.

  18. Gost je odgovoren za vrnitev Nastanitve v stanju, v katerem jo je prejel na začetku najema (z izjemo čiščenja in pranja perila, kot je določeno v ustreznem določilu. Gost je odgovoren tako za stroške škode / razbitja kot tudi dodatne stroške čiščenja povezane s tem. Takšni stroški se po potrebi odštejejo od varščine. O vseh takšnih dodatnih bremenitvah ali odbitkih od varščine se bo najprej pogovorilo z Gostom, ki bo prejel predračune / račune za popravila / zamenjave / dodatno čiščenje, če so le ta na voljo.

  19. Gost in vsi člani skupine za katere se vrši rezervacija, Nastanitev in vse njene dodatne dele znotraj in zunaj stavbe, vključno s skupnimi prostori, uporabljajo na lastno odgovornost. Ponudnik nastanitve / TS ni odgovoren za kakršne koli nesreče ali nezgode zaradi uporabe Nastanitve. Ponudnik nastanitve / TS izključuje odgovornost za bolezen ali poškodbe Gosta, izgubo ali škodo na osebnih stvareh Gosta ali kakršne koli terjatve v zvezi z izgubo dohodka ali posla v zvezi z rezervacijo v Nastanitvi. Ponudnik nastanitve / TS ne prevzema nobene odgovornosti, ki bi nastala zaradi snega, ki pada s strehe ali drugih delov Nastanitve ali zdrsa na snegu, ledu v ali v bližini Nastanitve. Gost razume, da je potrebna posebna previdnost pri sneženju / na ledu.

  20. Gost in vsi člani skupine za katere se vrši rezervacija morajo imeti zavarovanje za potovanje, ki ustrezno krije morebitno izgubo, škodo ali poškodbo v zvezi z rezervacijo v Nastanitvi. Če za rezervacijo na Nastanitvi niso zavarovani z ustreznim potovalnim zavarovanjem, Ponudnik nastanitve ali TS ne odgovarjata za noben zahtevek, ki bi ga sicer pokrila ustrezna polica potovalnega zavarovanja. Gost se strinja, da ne bo uveljavljal zahtevkov do Ponudnika nastanitve ali TS, če lahko isti zahtevek oceni, poravna ali zavrne zavarovalnica potovanja. V nekaterih primerih bo Ponudnik nastanitve pred odgovorom na zahtevek Gosta od njegove zavarovalnice zahteval pisno potrditev, da takšnega zahtevka ne morejo poravnati.

  21. Cene Nastanitve in pogoji rezervacije se lahko razlikujejo na različnih Platformah in / ali zaradi dejavnikov, kot so posebne ponudbe, pogoji odpovedi ali čas do prihoda. Takšne spremembe ne bodo vplivale na ceno in pogoje rezervacije, ki jih je gost sprejel v času rezervacije, za katere se po dogovoru s plačilom pologa in sprejetjem SP šteje, da so fiksni.

  22. Ocene in komentarji za Nastanitev morajo predstavljati uravnoteženo in razumno sliko, ki temelji na dejstvih, ki se nanašajo na izkušnje Gosta v Nastanitvi.

  23. Gost mora biti dosegljiv na telefon / email naveden v rezervacijski dokumentaciji / korespondenci, za primer malo verjetnih težavah z nastanitvijo ali rezervacijo. Če se Gost po večkratnih / vztrajnih prizadevanjih ne odzove, se lahko šteje, da je Gost rezervacijo odpovedal in veljajo ustrezna določila o odpovedi.

  24. Če Gost ni zadovoljen s katerim od elementov rezervacije, se mora pritožiti na TS / Ponudnika nastanitve, že med bivanjem oziroma takoj ko se nezadovoljstvo pojavi. V primeru, da težave ni mogoče hitro rešiti in težava povzroči nelagodnost Gosta med rezervacijo, se lahko Gostu in Ponudnik nastanitve / TS dogovorijo o odškodnini, ki pa bo v vseh primerih omejena na vrednost rezervacije. Odškodnina morda ne bo upoštevana, če Gost Ponudniku nastanitve / TS ne bo dal ustrezne priložnosti, za ureditev težave med svojim bivanjem. Pritožbe je mogoče obravnavati najkasneje 7 dni po zaključku rezervacije. Goste prosimo, da v reklamaciji upoštevajo oglaševano stanje, lastnosti in ceno Nastanitve, saj v zvezi z lastnostmi, ki niso oglaševane ni mogoče ponuditi odškodnine. 


  1. Gost in Ponudnik nastanitve skleneta pogodbo v zvezi z rezervacijo v Nastanitvi, TS pa deluje kot predstavnik Ponudnika nastanitve za številne vidike rezervacije.

  2. Ponudnik nastanitve se strinja, da bo z veliko pozornostjo in skrbjo pripravil Nastanitev, da bo le ta urejena za uživanje in varnost Gosta, ter da bo izpolnil razumna pričakovanja Gosta na podlagi oglaševanega opisa Nastanitve.

  3. Ponudnik nastanitve je odgovoren zagotoviti, da se rezervacije v Nastanitvi opravijo v skladu z ustreznimi turističnimi predpisi v Sloveniji glede stanja in namembnosti objekta, požarne varnosti, servisiranja ogrevalnih in drugih naprav, zagotovljenih funkcij in opreme povezane s kategorizacijo objekta, prijavo gostov in plačilom turistične takse.

  4. Ponudnik nastanitve se strinja, da bo imel veljavno stanovanjsko zavarovanje s klavzulami o javni odgovornosti, zaščito pred krajo, požarom in naravnimi dogodki, kot sta potres in poplava.

  5. Ponudnik nastanitve je odgovoren, da gostu zagotovi Nastanitev v enakem stanju, kot je oglaševana, popolnoma opremljeno, vključno s posodami, jedilnim priborom, opremo za kuhanje in brisačami. V ceno rezervacije je vključeno gorivo / elektrika za razsvetljavo, kuhanje, hlajenje in vročo vodo. Vključeno je tudi ogrevanje, razen če ob rezervaciji ni določeno drugače.

  6. Ponudnik nastanitve se bo trudil da bo že v času rezervacije odpravil morebitne okvare strojev / naprav ali druge težave z Nastanitvijo. Gosta prosimo, da razume, da razpoložljivost nadomestnih delov / razpoložljiva delovna sila / prazniki ali podobno lahko vplivajo na čas, potreben za popravilo. V primeru večjih težav med bivanjem Gosta, se lahko Ponudnik nastanitve in Gost dogovorita za primerno odškodnino po postopku za pritožbe v teh SP. Odgovornost v primeru neskladnosti v točnosti objavljenih opisov ali okvare strojev ali opreme v Nastanitvi je omejena na vrednost zneska najema, ki ga plača gost.

  7. Posamezna oprema, pohištvo in dekoracija v Nastanitvi se lahko občasno spremenijo in Ponudnik nastanitve / TS ne prevzemata nobene odgovornosti za take spremembe, če so le te manjše / estetske.

  8. Ponudnik nastanitve / TS ne more prevzeti nobene odgovornosti v zvezi z alergijskimi reakcijami ali drugimi zdravstvenimi težavami pri Gostu, zlasti v primeru, da čiščenje pred bivanjem Gosta ni izključilo sledi živil, tekočin ali drugih snovi.


  1. Ponudnik nastanitve je pooblastil TS, da v njihovem imenu upravlja rezervacije za Nastanitev, vključno z:

  1. Urejanje cenika Nastanitve

  2. Upravljanje oglasov Nastanitve na in platformah za najem nastanitev

  3. Urejanje splošnih pogojev rezervacije in odpovedi za Nastanitev

  4. Upravljanje s povpraševanji

  5. Urejanje in obdelava rezervacij

  6. Posodabljanje razpoložljivosti

  7. Pobiranje / upravljanje s plačilom pologa / končnim plačilom / turistično takso / dodatnimi stroški

  8. Obravnavanje odpovedi Gostov

  9. Odgovarjanja na vprašanja Gostov pred prihodom

  10. Komuniciranje z Gosti po bivanju glede povratne informacije

  11. Upravljanje z ocenami in komentarji

  1. Če v postopku rezervacije ni navedeno drugače, je TS odgovoren tudi za ureditev prihoda in odhoda gostov, vključno z določanjem časa prihoda in odhoda, registracijo gostov na platformi AJPES, upravljanje pritožb in obravnavo težav, ki se lahko pojavijo na Nastanitvi med bivanjem Gosta.

  2. Kadar je Ponudnik nastanitve odgovoren za dogovor o prihodu / odhodu, je običajno Ponudnik nastanitve prva kontaktna točka v primeru težav med bivanjem, kar je pojasnjeno v rezervacijski dokumentaciji, ki jo prejmete Gost.

  3. TS kot posrednik ureja rezervacije v imenu Ponudnika nastanitve, za katerega pa se šteje, da je kot registrirana dejavnost v pogodbi z Gostom glede Nastanitve.

  4. Obveznosti in dolžnosti Ponudnika nastanitve, kot so opredeljene s temi SP, lahko izpolnjuje TS kot predstavnik Ponudnika nastanitve, kadar je TS za to pooblaščen.

  5. TS ne more sprejeti odgovornosti za izgubo, škodo ali poškodbo, ki je posledica rezervacije Nastanitve oziroma dejanj Gosta, Ponudnika nastanitve ali drugih povezanih tretjih oseb ali zanašanja na informacije ali strokovno mnenje v zvezi z rezervacijo, zagotovljeno Gostu.

  6. Ponudnik nastanitve redno posodablja svojo Nastanitev in TS ne more prevzeti nobene odgovornosti v primeru manjših netočnosti oglaševanih informacij o Nastanitvi ali informacij posredovanih Gostu o lokalnih objektih ali storitvah, ki niso pod nadzorom TS / Ponudnika nastanitve. V malo verjetnih primerih večjih netočnosti ali pomanjkljivosti Nastanitve je odgovornost TS omejena na vrednost rezervacije.

  7. TS izjavo o zasebnosti si lahko ogledate na spletni strani

  8. TS zagotavlja, da osebnih podatkov nikoli ne prodaja oziroma posreduje tretjim osebam za tržne ali oglaševalske namene. Gost se lahko kadar koli odjavi od prejemanja kakršnih koli tržnih ali promocijskih sporočil ali zahteva izbris svojih osebnih podatkov po e-pošti na


  1. Z nadaljevanjem rezervacije se šteje, da so Gost in vsi člani skupine za katere se vrši rezervacija, prebrali, razumeli in sprejeli te SP.

  2. Če pride do spora, ga vse stranke skušajo rešiti sporazumno.

  3. Ti SP so izdelani v slovenskem jeziku, skupaj z angleškim prevodom in so predmet slovenske zakonodaje in tolmačenja. Slovenska sodišča pa so izključno pristojna za reševanje sporov med strankami. 

  4. Če se za kateri koli del teh SP ugotovi, da je po zakonu neveljaven in neizvršljiv, taka določba ni veljavna, ne da bi to vplivalo na druge dele teh SP, ki ostanejo v veljavi.

  5. Z izjemo oprostitev plačil zaradi odpovedi v teh SP, Ponudnik nastanitve / TS ne prevzema nobene odgovornosti za spremembe, zamude, odpovedi ali druge izgube, poškodbe ali škodo, ki so jo povzročile vojne, revolucije, teroristične dejavnosti, nemiri, civilni nemiri, stavke, zapiranja, industrijski spori, naravne nesreče, epidemije, pandemije, požari, poplave, nevihte, okvare javnih služb, vključno s plinom, vodo, elektriko ali internetnimi storitvami, ukrepi katere koli vladne ali javne oblasti, spremembe, ki jih naloži prestavitev ali odpoved avtobusov, trajektov, železnic , letalske družbe ali zapore cest, na katere ne morejo vplivati, ali katere koli druge okoliščine ali dogodki, ki pomenijo „višjo silo“.

  6. Ti SP, veljavni SP Platforme in z njimi povezana rezervacijska dokumentacija sestavljajo celoten dogovor med Gostom in Ponudnikom nastanitve / TS. Nobena sprememba teh SP ne bo veljala, razen če Gost in Ponudnik nastanitve / TS se o tem dogovorita v pisni obliki.

  7. Gost se strinja, da so lahko osebni podatki Gosta in vseh članov skupine za katere se vrši rezervacija:

  1. V skupni rabi med TS in Ponudnikom nastanitve

  2. TS / Ponudnik nastanitve uporabljata / obdelujeta za interne namene, analizo in statistiko za obdelavo oddanih naročil in zagotavljanje naročenih izdelkov in storitev.

  3. Deljeni s tretjimi osebami, vključno s slovenskimi institucijami za registracijo turistov (AJPES / policija) in drugimi ustreznimi turističnimi davčnimi organi z izrecnim namenom, da zakonito opravijo rezervacijo v Nastanitvi.

  4. TS jih uporablja za namene neposrednega trženja in promocije le v primeru, če Gost soglaša s potrdilom po e-pošti na