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Информация о Словении и её регионам Словения, с населением только 2 миллиона и поверхностью выше 20.000 м2, граничит с Австрией, Хорватией, Италией и Венгирей. Страна является единственным государством с формой курицы и самой маленькой страной, с собственным национальным официальным языком, не лежащей на острове.

В предприятии Think Slovenia разделяем Словению на 11 регионов, с собственными достопримечательностями и развлечениями.

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Минутный гид по Словении
Альпы, Динарское нагорье, Среднедунайская низменность и Средиземноморье - 4 больших европейских географических единиц встречается в Словении: Альпы на севере страны по границе с Австрией – Юлианские Альпы, Камнышко–Савинские Альпы и Караванки до массива Похорье. Словенское адриатическое побережье располагается на 47 км от Хорватии до Италии. Юго-западная часть представляет известняковый регион с подземными реками, каньонами и пещерами – плато Крас, между Любляной и Средиземноморьем. Поскольку половину страны покрывает лес, Словения является третей самой лесистой страной в Европе. Ландшафт в Среднедунайской низменности является совсем равнинным. Большинство поверхности Словении холмистое и гористое – около 90 % поверхности на 200 метрах уровня моря и больше. Самой высокой горой является Триглав на 2864 метрах.
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Lonely Planet votes Ljubljana #2 on its "Best of Europe 2014" bucket list
Ljubljana hits top of the charts in so many categories - this time Ljublajana hits No2 spot in Lonely Planet's list of the "best in Europe" - read why!

Slovenia: a modern Ruritania at the crossroads of southern Europe?
Slovenia: A country not only packed with natural wonders and an incredibly scenic variety but also with a very rich history at the cross road of three cultures

Slovenia offers property buyers the best of Europe – at a bargain
The Financial Times thinks "Slovenia offers property buyers the best of Europe - at a bargain" 

Affordable skiing and snowboarding in Slovenia
Fancy skiing but horrified at the price? Slovenia has high quality, low-cost resorts, with great scenery and friendly locals to boot.

One of the most surprising and beautiful places on earth
Slovenia gets a lot of love from "Rough Guides" readers.

Switchback Travel vote Slovenia into their 10 adventure destinations for 2013
Slovenia is described as "a powerhouse for those who love the outdoors" in Switchback's annual adventure travel report

Bled Island Church rated as one of the world's most beautiful
USA Today rates the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island as one of the world's most beautiful churches.

Slovenia makes Fodor's Go list for 2013
Fodor's call Slovenia an undiscovered sliver of Europe with modern style and classic charm.

Slovenia remains in the top 15 most peaceful countries in the world
According to the 2013 Global Peace Index, Slovenia is one of the world's most peaceful countries.

Ljubljana may be Europe's best kept secret
Jay Walljasper of the "Star Tribune" writes how "a much delayed trip to Slovenia's capital reveals an under-the-radar European gem".

Ljubljana shortlisted for European Green Capital 2015
Shortlisted with 3 other European cities Ljubljana is aiming to become Europe's leading Green city for 2015, results to be announced 14.06.13

The Times of London asks "can this be Slovenia?"
Fiona Sims visits Slovenia and is impressed by "cosy lodges, sophisticated cooking and world class wine" and declares it a country "that looks as good as it tastes".

Lonely Planet's "Best value destinations"
Lonely Planet's Best of Travel Report describes Slovenia as being as picture-perfect as Switzerland …. but much smaller and easier on the wallet.

The New York Times discovers Ljubljana's "rich cultural scene" Rachel Doyle is impressed with her 36 hours in Slovenia's capital.

SmarterTravel.com says "words can't do justice" to Lake Bled Lake Bled is picked by smartertravel.com amongst their 27 places in the world "to restore your faith in travel".

Lake Bled - one of the world's 10 most beautiful lakes
Yahoo Travel celebrate the "breathtaking vista" of Lake Bled from its mountain top castle and conclude it is one of the world's most beautiful lakes.

The UK's Daily Mail "falls in love with Slovenia"
Stanley Johnson returns to Slovenia to find a land of "bees, bears, brides and bountiful nature".

Slovenia's Alps and wine country “among the most sustainable and authentic places to visit in Europe”
Slovenia performs outstandingly, coming joint 6th place in a global study of “authenticity and stewardship” by National Geographic Traveler designed to assess the uniqueness of travel destinations

Slovenia - “the most delightful small country of modern Europe”
The Financial Times describes Slovenia as modern Europe's most delightful small country…

Ljubljana voted 5th most idyllic place to live in Europe
In a recent article published by Forbes Magazine, Ljubljana has been voted the 5th most idyllic place to live in Europe, described as a “little Paris” with hints of Art Nouveau - a melting pot of culture at the crossroads of the German, Latin and Slavic worlds.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine is “rendered speechless” by Slovenia’s “sublime landscape”
On a recent tour around the borders of the whole country, Traveler is seduced by stunning landscapes and an intriguing mix of cultures.

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